03 September 2015

family time


Today was my first official game day.  It was just my mum and I, but I still had fun.  Growing up our extended family spent most of our time together watching sports, fishing, or playing some kind of game.  We mostly played card games such as Manipulation, Bridge (which I have never gotten the hang of) and Liverpool Rummey.  Nerf darts, tennis and shuffleboard were also big hits. 

During the past months of awakening, I've realized how much I missed doing things like that.  I really don't have a social circle anyone so any socializing is really done with family.  So my mum agreed we could do just that and after much discussion of her busy social schedule today was the day.  My uncle was passing through town so we met up with him for lunch and then spent the afternoon playing cards and watching tennis.  It was just like old times.  Neither of us could remember how to play liverpool, so I went to google and refreshed my memory.  Of course we played it a little differently.  But by the time we'd finished two games, it had all come back to me.  

We laughed about how Granddaddy would fuss if we weren't paying close attention.  He always threatened to turn off the tv so we could concentrate, but he was the one who wanted it on to keep up with the scores.  And how Grandmother would get so mad when I would beat her and say she just wasn't going to play with me anymore.  She always called the second to last hand of the game her "Waterloo", except she (and my mum) pronounce water as warter.  So we laughed about Warterloo.

I came home with a new large basket, a beautiful little shelf and a fleur-de-lie hook rack.  All items gifted to mum from a neighbor or two and items she won't use.  

I think tomorrow will be a trip to the big farmers market and the grocer.  Hopefully a post as well.
Isn't the little fella below just so adorable?  I found him clinging to my scraggly portulaca potted plant when I went out to water this morning.   
Are there any family fun times that you still enjoy?  Are game days with friends?  I'd love to hear.

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ps...all the photos (except mr frog) are from my mum's garden taken today

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