01 July 2013

The Garden: July 1

Hello again.

I've been slowly playing catchup in bloglandia again and have noticed some of my favorite bloggers do regular garden updates.  Amanda and Vanessa's are two of my absolute favorites and if you have not been to see them, you must take the time.   They are so different - but so inspirational in lots of good ways.

I thought maybe I could put together my own garden up date today.  The rain is still with us (although right now the sun is trying to peak through.  We've had so much rain that getting into the garden to work is spotty right now.

This is a how my garden looks from the front as of about 10 minutes ago.


 Potential sugar baby watermelon's here.  They are growing well, but I've never grown watermelon and this is just an experiment from some seeds I'd saved from a watermelon from last summer.

 My first harvest - a few days ago.  I was out of onion so I sauteed the squash in butter, salt and pepper and tossed in some green beans.  I was surprised how I ended up liking the sauteed green beans.  

This was the pumpkin patch after it was all cleared and tilled and planted.  You can see the dark small mounds where I planted seeds.

The pumpkin patch last week.  Yes there really are pumpkin plants growing in there.  I've not seen flowers yet, but it I'm hopeful.  This is the next project between the hit and miss rain, running out to weed and mulch the pumpkin patch.  (Note to self - mulch as you plant...much less work!)

 The last view is the garden from the very back corner of my land.  The dark brown box to the left of the photo is my composter which has seemed to sprout something huge growing from the bottom.  I can't tell yet what they are but they look a little like pumpkins, squash, cucumber or zucchini and have started blooming.  I'm going to weed around it and see what happens.

So this is my garden to date.I hope it hasn't been too boring of a post.  The rain seems to have taken a break for now.  Maybe I should through on my grubbies and get out there.  :-)


ps...my plans for the next couple weeks went all wonky and now everything has changed.  i'll try to get back here soonest as soon.  ;-)

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