12 July 2013

a little bliss to brighten my week (and maybe yours...)

I just wanted to pop in to say I made it home a day early from hospital.  It was a difficult week with loads of ups and downs but with some possible answers and potential for hope.  I thought I'd share a few photos I took before I left home.  I was allowed my laptop so I played around online some but mostly just slept.  When I was awake I would look through the photos I'd taken so I could have some bright spots to remind me of why I needed to take that step.

My Russian sunflowers started to bloom.  I loved watching this bee searching for pollen.  Go little bee, bring your friends and tell them there is lots to find in my garden.

Cosmos are one of my favorites.  I really have so many favorite flowers it seems unfair to pick one or two out and say they are my favorites.  But I do love cosmos.

Another tiny sunflower, called Moonshadow.  It is such a pale yellow and so pretty.

One of my dahlias (I have two).  I can't remember the name of it, I planted it a few years ago and this year it has three giant blooms on it.  Lovely.

I was so happy to come home last night to find the garden still growing well.  In fact, things are just shooting up.  Practically the first thing I did was go out to check the garden, particularly the pumpkin patch.  I've still got a lot to weed around some of the pumpkins, but am giving myself a few days to recover before trying to get right out there again.  (Today would have been a perfect day, it is mostly overcast with temps in the mid 70's and we had a really good rain last night so it would have been perfect weed pulling time.)   I can't take the chance of overdoing and ruining what little progress was made at hospital. 

I went out a little bit ago and snipped some of my hydrangea blooms to bring in.  They made such a sweet little bouquet.  So, today I'm resting, futzing around the house and getting things finalized for tomorrow's Tea Party.  I do so hope you'll be able to attend.  I'm hoping to go to farmer's market tomorrow morning early (I haven't been in weeks) and then coming home and spending the day party hopping.  It should be grand fun!

I'm off to finish getting it all together.  Have a wonderful weekend!

ps...did i mention?  there are blooms on the pumpkins!  on almost all of the plants!!  yay!!

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