31 July 2013

a little bit grey a little bit light

The sky, early this morning, was the perfect image for how I've been feeling this past week.  The headaches have been getting the best of me again and I've not really been trying to move past it.  I feel beaten down by this constant pain and as I sat in the garden, looking up at the cloudy sky, I wondered if I'd ever move on, ever be free from this pain.  

 Then I started to take another look around me.  I wandered the garden looking at all the overgrown weeds in the pumpkin patch, the stray treelings that like to pop up in the wrong places, the general craziness of the garden, amid which I spotted this...

the butterflies seem to love the Joe Pye Weed.  Their bright colors and fluttering wings brought a smile to my face and helped me to remember that I can't give up.  I have to keep trying, no matter what.  So I dug down deep inside and spent about two hours working on pulling weeds from the pumpkin patch (after wandering around and snapping lots of pictures of course.)

I made quite a dent in the pumpkin patch weeds, working on trying to get a new pathway into the garden.  My regular path between the raised beds and pumpkin patch has become blocked by the volunteer from the composter, the zucchini and the cucumbers merging toward each other.

This is the volunteer.  I've been trying for months to figure out what it is, squash, zucchini or pumpkin, but the mystery is solved.


 It's Pumpkin!  I found this baby yesterday and this morning it was already much larger.  There are several babies on it and I'm so excited to see them.  Yet another thing that reminded me to keep going, keep trying.  I can't wait to see how they grow and what kind of pumpkin it turns out to be.

 Tomorrow is full of doctor appointments so I hope to get back to work in the garden on Friday.  Maybe I can have a pumpkin/garden progress post later this weekend. 

I want to take this chance to thank Joane at Ivory Pumpkin for the package that arrived a few days ago.  I won this beautiful skeleton key pendant necklace from her Pre-Halloween Give Away and she included a beautiful fairy pendant as well.  I love them both.  I have a thing for skeleton keys and am always drawn to them so this was an especially wonderful gift.  :-)

If you haven't visited her site, please stop by.  She's counting down to Halloween with lots of neat holiday related posts.  And as evidenced by the beautiful pendants below is a very talented artist.  Thank you, Joane!!

I'm going to say good night now and head on to bed.  I hope to be back here soon!


Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful pendants - congrats!

What a lovely picture with all the butterflies on the flowers. And congrats also on your baby pumpkins! To me though, it looks like a cross between a pumpkin and either a gourd or squash. It has that funny shape and that bright green color that some edible pumpkins have. I can't wait to see your babies grow!

Joane said...

Glad your pendants arrived safely and thanks for the link to my blog!

Illustrated Ink said...

I'm so sorry to read that your headaches have been awful lately. There's nothing like the beauty of nature to cheer you up, though. What beautiful butterfly photos! We grew pumpkin in our garden and the vines definitely grow quickly! I hope you get some good ones!

Heather said...

sorry to hear you've not been feeling well, i hope the change in the season brings you some relief! What a beautiful and lush garden you have, and how fun to find surprise pumpkins!

Cameron said...

I hope you are feeling better now...
I just love all the butterflies...what a treat!

The one thing I've always wanted to grow was pumpkins! How cute yours is :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am so sorry to hear about your headaches. Are they migraines? I hope that your doctor can help you with it. I have a friend who suffered from ingrains and she was treated with Botox and it helped.