18 July 2013

finding myself...

I've been thinking about this little blog for a while, about why I blog, why I don't blog, what I blog about, do people enjoy reading my blog, am I writing for my readers or for myself, should I be writing for my readers or myself, etc, etc, etc.

This past weekend's tea party post had more reads than probably two years combined.  I've also noticed that I seem to get a lot of reads, but not many comments.  I'm really curious about this.  But I wonder if I should be. 

When I first started blogging, I did it for myself.  I did it as a type of journal writing.  But then I started getting readers and comments and it became fun interacting with people this way.  I know over the past 2-3 years, my posting has really been very minimal.  Mostly it was because of my health situation and how horrible it made me feel.  It hasn't been until recently (well, since last October) that I've learned to adjust to my situation.  When I stopped blogging it was because I felt like all I did was complain and whine and no one wants to read about that, now do they?

I had lost my mojo, lost being able to see the beauty in a sunset, lost being able to relate to and enjoy my favorite things, much less share them here.  So I gave up.  I quit blogging and I quit reading the blogs I love. 

I feel like I'm back now.  I feel like I've been slowly regaining myself and now I'm ready to be here.  I'm ready to take my life back and to share it here.  So, I hope you'll consider coming back too.  I hope to bring some interesting things to this blog in the near future.  Maybe figure out a way to make it more fun for you too.  If you are a follower or regular reader and there is something you'd like me to post about, please let me know.  :-)

I truly appreciate each and every one of you.



Ms Misantropia said...

I am glad you are getting back on track, for your own sake. It seems many of us (bloggers) are dealing with some kind of illness, and some of us drop in and out of the blog world now and again.

Regarding readers, I also have many more readers than commentators. I think most bloggers do. Sometimes I visit blogs with 1500 followers, and they still only have 2 or 3 comments on any given post.

On the request side of things: I love to see posts about peoples kitchen gardens, what they are growing - and making out of it :)

Paulette said...

Hey There Laura,

I think everyone now and again needs time to fill their internal wells.
I haven't been posting as much lately on my blog ,havingwritten-rpl, due to the fact that it's summer. Summer brings herb gardening, travel and a lot of time just being outdoors for me.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
I'll be checking in to see what's up with you.

Missy Trent said...

I think that you should be true to yourself, Laura.... And blog for yourself because it feels good! I think that people comment less these days because they use more readers such as , "pulse", etc. it's not as easy to comment through these formats. I'm guilty! ;-)