17 July 2013


Are you all rested up from the weekend party?  It took me two days to go through all the Tea Party Posts but it was great fun.  Plus, I came across several new blogs to follow and a few old ones that had slipped through the cracks.  I love finding new kindred out there in bloglandia.

Huge Thank You! (s) to everyone that visited for the Mad Tea Party and for all the sweet and lovely comments.  You guys made my day!  And a GINORMOUS Thank you to Vanessa for hosting such a wonderful party every year.  (I'm already making plans for next years party!)  ;-)

 So I've been feeling pretty peach.  (Not physically unfortunately.)  But one of my favorite things about summer is fresh peaches.  Last summer I went out of my comfort zone and made a few jars of  peach jam.  It was such a hit with myself, as well as my family, that this year called for loads of jam.  While at the farmer's market this weekend, I picked up a box of peaches and yesterday made 4 batches of jam.  I still had half the box left so today I cut up the peaches and froze some with a little lemon juice and sugar, put up some in 4 jam jars and covered with vodka and made something called an "Easy Peach Dump Cake".  It was super easy but I haven't tried it yet.  Once I do, if it is any good, I'll make a special post about it.

This morning I woke up before 6am (my goal each day is 5am) and took care of my usual chores (cat feeding, bp and glucose checks, med taking, etc.) before heading out to the garden to water (which I forgot to do yesterday).  It was 76 degrees at 6:30 this morning and the humidity was around 90+%.  It was horrid.  But I got everything watered so it could make it through another 90 degree day.  While I was watering, this little fella jumped out of a section of weeds.  I had to snap a pic as I've never seen a live cicada before.  I hear them singing all night long and some during the day but I only ever find their dessicated bodies when working in the garden.  He's kinda creepy looking but I'm happy to have made his acquaintance.

This is the sunset we had last night.  I was watching TV and happened to glance outside and realized how beautiful the sunset was so I took off with my camera to the back yard where I could get the best view.

 The clouds make me think of cotton candy...

 My cucumbers have escaped and are on a rampage.  I really must get a real trellis situated for them next year.  I'm not even sure how to stick my hand down in there to look for cukes.  But there are tons of blooms and when I was out this morning one of the happiest sights I saw were all the bees going from plant to plant.  They were all over the pumpkins and the cucumbers.

I had to run errands this morning and I arrived home to find a package waiting at my door.  If you aren't familiar with Heather at Audrey Eclectic, you really should go visit her.   She is a fabulous artist.  Her art makes my heart yearn for old fashioned life, back before all the technology took over the world.  (Although without the technology I might never have found her art!) 

About a week ago she showcased a new painting on her blog titled "The Witch's Garden".  Now with a title like that how could I not look!  I fell in love with that painting but didn't really think about buying it.  I figured it would get snapped up pretty quick.  A few days later I saw on Facebook that it was still available in her Etsy shop
Well, my spirit just screamed at me to get right on Etsy, I listened and now this beauty lives with me.  I know where I'm going to hang her but as I told Heather when I emailed her today to thank her, I just want to carry her around with me so I can look at her all the time!  :-)  I highly recommend checking out Heather's shop.  It is so lovely!

That is about all for me tonight.  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and then hope to be able to get back out into the garden on Friday.  Lots of weeding still to do to protect all those pumpkin plants. 

I'll be back soon with a real garden update and maybe a recipe.  :-)


ps..I've decided that every day should be full of Madness and Muchness...doesn't it sound grand?

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