22 April 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

What a busy weekend! And the best part is that I've spent all weekend working in the yard! I had forgotten how much I like to do that. For our photos today we will start with my inspiration for all the yard work.

The state herb society had a sale last Thursday and this is what I got. From the top left, we have Lemon Verbena, Rue, Italian Basil, Woodruff, Wormwood, Sedum Dragon's Blood, Feverfew, Iboko, Eucalyptus and Curled Parsley. Oh and there's a Foxglove in there too.

So, I started by weeding out the herb bed. I also mowed the yard and replanted several plants that I had inside. I don't have a picture of the completed herb bed, but I have spread straw throughout to help keep the weeds down. I also have placed several of my new plants to go in there, but haven't planted them yet. I still need some top soil and compost to mix in when I plant them.

I spent most of today tilling up my vegetable garden. At first it looked like this...

After I had taken the fence down and dug up the garlics and collards. Now it looks like this...

I will be able to plant a lot more this year. I need to cut back the tree that hangs over the bottom right side and plan to do that tomorrow after work.

My iris' are blooming.

And I found that I have several buds on my rose bush. But when I looked closely I found they had nasty little bugs on them. So I sprayed them down and now they look great. I only have a photo from before I sprayed them though. I'll get photo's once they bloom. :-)

So, that pretty much sums up my weekend. I'm off to check in on the blogs that I read and also to see what everyone in GTS has posted today.



Ulrika said...

What a wonderful garden you seem to have! Lovely pictures!

I wish it was that green here, but it will be a while yet.

RUTH said...

What a wonderful collection of herbs..what a find! Lovely Iris too.

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Beautiful, all around. My irises are just getting the leaves out of the ground.

Dawn said...

Wow, What a lot to get done in a weekend! I love the Iris, It will be about 2 months before they bloom here so it is nice to see soemone else's in bloom.

Christa said...

What a beautiful collection of herbs you have there. What will you use the rue for? My Aunt said she was growing rue because it helps deter Japanese beattles, but I was wondering if you can you cook anything with it? Or is it just ornamental?

Looks like you are going to have a great vegetable garden. My husband and I helped a friend of ours till up some of their lawn last year to make a garden. I know what hard work that is! Looks great.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

What a wonderful herb garden!! I can almost smell it!

skeet said...

My herb garden has become my favorite little spot. You've got a wonderful colleciton there and I look forward to watching them grow with you. The iris is lovley! Bah at mealy bugs! I'm dealing with white fly this week. Pesky little critters!

Visiting very, very late for last Sunday's GTS.