01 April 2007

Green Thumb Sunday...

Hey, it's Sunday and I'm actually posting my GTS post on Sunday! I think that is progress!

So today's photo is from my yard. It is a bleeding heart plant (or what I've always called bleeding heart, if you know the real name please leave me a comment). I love this plant. It always makes me smile when I see it.

Well, I'd best run along, I have a list of things that I need to get done before I leave to see my Grandmother. I've been up for a little over an hour and I've already fed all the kids and given the beast his shot and I've also washed dishes and checked email. I still have the cat boxes to clean, to take out the trash and to shower and dress and make my list of supplies to get while I'm out.

Oh, yesterday I posted knitting progress photos on my other blog. If you are interested in seeing it, head over there and check it out.

I also have more to do on the secret life changing project and will hopefully have more information later today. I still don't want to disclose what it is just yet. ;-)

Alright, I'm off to tackle the kittie boxes. I don't know why I hate doing that so much... ugh. :-)



RUTH said...

It's name is Dicentra spectabilis ( it's also known as Dutchman's breeches and Lady in the bath)

Laura said...

Thanks Ruth! I appreciate it.
Take care.

Tricia said...

Are your bleeding hearts blooming already or is that an older photo? Mine don't bloom here in Toronto until late May or early June. Lovely flowers aren't they?

Laura said...

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for commenting. Yes, my bleeding hearts are blooming. I took that photo this past Friday. I just love them. :-)

chigiy said...

Your Bleeding Hearts are beautiful.
Mine are blooming also. I was going to divide them, but I didn't get around to it. I think I'll just buy some more:)