24 April 2007

Gardening is fun...

Last night after work I spent 3 and 1/2 hours working in the yard. I planted a lilac, snowball and two small camellia's that my mum had brought from her house. I also got the parsley, woodruff and foxglove planted. Oh, and I moved my hydrangea to another (better) location. We also dug up some dead trees and cleaned out some borders.

I sure hope that the stuff I planted lives! I love lilac and the snowball is from a plant that was at my Grandmother's house (my paternal side) so it is very, very special to me.

Right now I'm sitting in the office (alone) trying to breathe. This morning I went in to the doctor for blood work and check up and explained that I have had a migraine for two and 1/2 weeks. So, he gave me a cortisone shot. About an hour ago, my throat started closing up and my tongue started to feel swollen and my chest started feeling very heavy. The symptoms haven't gone away, in fact they seem to be getting worse. I now have a weird sick feeling in my stomach, not like a nauseous feeling, just sick. Anyway, I called the doctor's office and left a message as they were closed for lunch. My migraine is getting worse and my vision is getting blurry. I hope they call soon.

My post feels very naked without a picture... so here is a picture of the beast in one of his calm states. He actually did very well this weekend laying in the sun and being quiet while I worked. It was nice. Now if he would just be like this all the time! :-)

Isn't he cute?!?



draven said...

if your doc hasnt called you back i would head to the er if you can drive... I hope your ok

Stephanie said...

Sounds like it may be an allergic reaction. I think you shouldn't wait for the dr to call. It could be serious!

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

You poor thing. I don't understand how you can deal with those migranes. Take pics of your garden for us. I love most of those plants you mentioned.