16 September 2016

wips and an fo...

I've been trying to keep busy.  I find that the more my hands are busy, the more productive I feel.  Feeling productive seems to be becoming more important to me every day.  I guess I'm tired of feeling like I'm just wasting space in this world.

Anywho, the last couple of weeks, the cognitive difficulties I've been experiencing for the past couple of years has become worse.  I was knitting away on the Lake Country Throw and all of a sudden, I couldn't remember what to do next.  I sat there looking at the needles and yarn feeling as if it was the first time I'd ever picked them up.  I kept thinking and concentrating.  Trying to figure out what to do next.  When I finally started again, I messed everything up.  But, of course!  I ended up having to pull out several rows and ended up stopping it at a place that I'm not sure exactly how to pick it back up.  I'm terribly afraid I'm going to have to frog the whole thing and start all over.  
 Lake Country Throw before my mix up

My other big knitting project is the Scoreboard that I started last September.  I finished it just a week before the new NFL season started.  I was shocked at just how big it turned out.  When I tried it on it almost smothered me.  Luckily, my brother, whom I made it for, is much taller than I am and when I gave it to him, it didn't look bad at all.  He really liked it, which pleased me no end.   
Completed Steelers Scoreboard 2015-2016 season

I enjoyed it so much I decided to do another one (there are four of us in our family that would wear them) and also planned to do one for the Tarheels season.  When I went to start the new one I found out why it turned out so big.  I'd used the wrong size needles!  Yep, I have NO IDEA how I ended up doing that but it's what happened.  

Anyway, I procured the correct size needles and started working on my Tarheel Scoreboard (the 2.0 version). Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem I had with my LCT above.  So, I frogged it (hadn't even finished knitting the first game) and am planning to start again.  I've decided to order the recommended yarn (which I didn't use for the Steelers Scoreboard, nor for the Tarheel Scoreboard) so that should help with size issues, etc.  

While I wait for the yarn, I'll keep recording the scores and go back to working on the LCT.  I guess all I can do is to keep trying.  I've become very proficient in balancing my kindle while knitting so I can watch you tube videos to help when I get stuck.  Somehow, I'll figure it out.  (fingers crossed!)

Well, that's what is happening around here.  Do you have any projects going on?  Yarn related or otherwise?  I'd love to hear about them.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I so understand keeping busy in order to feel productive and to keep yourself going at the same time. I've been facing physical issues that slowdown my writing quite a bit, the same happens with my reading. My medications affect my sight and my level of concentration. Like you with knitting, I've found myself going back to what I wrote yesterday, and wondering what I meant when I wrote this and that. I'm learning to keep really detailed notes. Rolling with the punches, right?

At the moment, I'm working on a couple of poems to send to a local context. The deadline is rushing in and I don't seem to be done. Fingers crossed...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a gorgeous shade of pink!

Laura M said...

Very long scarves are very cool, as long as you're tall enough! Sorry about the difficulties and hope you're doing better now! That pink scarf has a great pattern!

Tammie Lee said...


being productive is a good feeling.
Your knitting looks wonderful and so great that your brother likes his! yay!
wishing you grace as you remember what you want to remember!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about everything you are going through Laura!! Keep going! Never give up!! You are a very talented knitter! WOW!!!
(Laura, I have some good news!! You won my baby crow witch!! Send me your address! Please!)
Big Hugs! You are always in my prayers!!