25 September 2016

in the garden...

I thought I'd share a little peek at what is going on in my little garden these days.  There is not a whole lot going on, but what there is I find fascinating.

I've been watching the busy bee spending lots of time in the basil and now is resting on my screen door.  He's been there since last night and I'm a bit worried about him.  Hopefully he will get home safely soon.

The hummingbird vine is still sending out little blooms, as is the morning glory (a volunteer plant).  I still have tomatoes ripening and jalapenos growing.  Yesterday dawned cloudless and sunny but later in the day the clouds arrived.  Today is completely cloud covered and drizzly.  

I took the glass out of my back storm door yesterday and put in the screen.  I'm going to enjoy that as the weather cools.  I would have opened it today but the humidity is 100%, so even though the temps are in the low 70's it is still too muggy and hot to open the windows.  Hopefully tomorrow.  :-)

I've been working this week on an upgrade in my studio.  Most of my time is taken up with painting wood that is going to become shelving.  

I'm having so many ideas of things I want to make right now, but all of my craft supplies are boxed up behind stacks of materials so I can't get to any of it.  I'm hoping the muse will stick with me until I can get to things.  Hopefully, she'll at least stay long enough for me to make some notes on the things I want to make.  

Anywho, that's what is going on around here this week. How are things in your neighbourhood? Anything still growing in your garden?

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love & blessings


Laura Tieri said...

Hi Laura! I don't think I've commented before but Thank You for sharing your pretty pictures with us! I really liked the bird on the branch in the last post! Congratulations on winning Vanessa's give-away! I'm the other Laura that's usually the number 1 or number 2 comment on her posts with you! :0)
I just saw your comment on Home is Where the Boat is. I guess we frequent the same blogs!
I'm in the Chicagoland area & it's 84 right now. It's only supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow. Change is in the air. I love fall & Halloween so I'm ready!

Magic Love Crow said...

Our garden isn't doing much! Actually, with such a dry, hot summer, it didn't do well all year! But, the trees are doing well, for some reason? I love your garden pictures! Our basil and parsley did well and still is! 100% humidity!! I feel for you!! I hope your muse sticks around too! Take it day by day! Don't force anything! Big Hugs!!!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your garden looks just glorious. That first picture is perfect. All of them are wonderful, but the details of the first and the last really caught my eye.

Autumn is moving into my neighborhood. Leaves are turning yellow and orange and red slowly. In my own wee terrace garden, things are moving as usual: my tomato and pepper plants are still producing, my daisy is about to bloom, and I started to prune everything before bringing them into the house for the cold months.

Antoinette said...

So pretty : ) My garden is just getting going for Spring, so I'm yet to enjoy lots of lovely blooms like you have. x

Marilyn Miller said...

How fun to see what is going on in your garden. For sure check out kimklassen.com, I think you would love her classes. Once you sign up the tutorials on Lightroom are free.

Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!