04 September 2016

A Little Garden Visit...

I don't have much of a garden here but a few things are growing well.  This is the first year I've planted basil in the ground instead of a pot and I'll never pot it again.  It is so prolific and I love it!  I also love the tiny frogs I find hiding on the basil leaves when I water in the mornings.

With the little pond directly behind my building, I'm enjoying the dragonfly antics.  I'm not sure what it means when they stand with their bodies pointed up, but it was interesting to watch.  The one in the last picture was resting on a paver.  I love the colors and textures, especially on the wings.

I haven't had as many san marzano tomatoes as I'd hoped but I've had enough to make a nice spaghetti sauce.  My plan had been to make a basic tomato sauce, but I didn't know what I was doing.  My first version was just tomatoes, garlic, peppers and spices.  That was really good served over rice.  I later added ground beef and mushrooms and more seasoning.  Yum!

On Friday, I spent about an hour and a half pulling up rogue grasses, etc. in the garden.  I made a good dent before I had to stop due to back pain.  It has been so cool in the mornings (low 60's) and I've been able to get my walks in before the heat returns later in the day.  If I can get myself up a little earlier in the mornings I could walk and then spend some time in the garden.  That is the plan anyway. 

I'm contemplating trying to plant some collards soon.  I think I have some seeds and I figure I could plant them between the tomatoes since those will probably get pulled out soon. 

Do you have a garden?  How are things growing for you?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful dragonfly!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Lovely photos. I love dragonflies. I enjoy gardening. I am going to plant some lettuce, tomatoes, and probably some cabbage soon. The tomatoes won't be ready until December. I threw in some sunflower seeds for fun. I have no idea if they will come up in the winter. xoxo Su

Kristin said...

Oh how cool! I WISH I had a garden!! I really, really want one, but we live in the desert and it's SO HOT here that things just die off. But dragonflies I do have! My 10-year-old Kendra keeps dead ones under glass in her room. Not kidding, lol. This one is MUCH prettier ;) xoxo

Magic Love Crow said...

Great to hear from you Laura! I love dragonflies! That one with his tail up, I have never seen one do that before! Great photo! Your food sounded delicious! Yummy! We have herbs, but no "food". But, we have planted potatoes before, and they did well! I hope everything is going well! Please take care of your back!!! Big Hugs!

Laura M said...

How lovely!