01 September 2016

And Breathe...

September.  How happy I am to see you.  Now that August has passed by I feel like I can breathe freely.  August is not my friend, but this one went by pretty quietly. 

It has been so hot this summer, I've barely moved from the house.  The patio garden is very overgrown with weeds and it makes me not want to spend any time out there.  The good news is that for the most part, the areas I'd cleared, lined and mulched have held up pretty well.  As soon as the weather breaks, I intend to be out there clearing things up. 

Well, I just wanted to pop in for a minute or two to say hello.  I'd hoped to post after the tea party but I just never got to it and then, well...August. 

If you are in the path of Hermine, stay safe. 

Thanks for stopping by,
love & blessings


Sherry said...

I know just how you feel, Laura. August is not exactly a great month for me either. I seldom venture outside, due to the extreme heat and humidity. I'm looking forward to cooler days ahead. Fall is always a magical time for me, ever since childhood. I also went through the whole thyroid thing earlier this year...my biopsy was in Feb. as well. Took less than a week for me to hear back from the doctor, though. I get checked again in 2 years. Thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning. :o)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hurray for the cooler (but still nice) temperatures of September!

Tammie Lee said...

lovely photos ~
yes, heat is hard on me too, i hide from it.
cleaning the garden in autumn makes way for a easier spring.
thank you for your kind visit.

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy September my friend! Good to see you! I love your pictures! Yeh, cooler weather! Big Hugs and Many Blessings!