06 November 2015

making a day of it...

Today was mostly a day for art.  (Knitting is an art, right?) 

After my walk, I worked on painting the clay pieces.
Then I started working on a new mixed media piece.  I started with some torn scrapbook paper.
 Then used a makeup sponge to rub on some color using spray inks.
 I went over that with a light layer of gesso, then a couple more colors of spray inks.
As I've no idea what I'm doing, I then painted over it all with burnt umber and orange acrylic paints.  I added another light layer of a pale yellow and then walked away.  I have no idea where this is going, but then again, I rarely do.  :-)
I've spent the rest of the time knitting on my shrug.  I've about 10 inches left to knit and then can block and seam.   I'll have to research how to do both those things.  I already know what my next knitting project will be and have been fighting myself to not start it before I finish knitting the shrug.
Well, that was my day.  How was yours?  Any crafty projects going on?

thanks for stopping by!
love & blessings


Creativity Tribe said...

What a GREAT day! So many lovely projects. I especially love that purple. I could eat that UP!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Believe it or not, EVERYTHING you did today was ART. The shrug color is lovely, the mixed media background is reminiscent of late autumn, and the mushrooms and other clay pieces are colorful. This was an AWESOME art day.

Laura Morrigan said...

You got a lot done! Great work! I love the mix of mediums! I mostly move between sewing and writing!

Stacie said...

Mix media backgrounds are so fun to create, and have so much character. Good for you for getting so much art done!