03 November 2015


I'll apologize in advance for the craziness of this post.  I have brain babble today.  Everything I see, think, and hear is confusing to me.  It happens sometimes when the headaches are at their worst.  

Words get jumbled, sounds get muddled.  It can last minutes or hours.  Once or twice it has lasted for a couple of days.  I'm hoping this bout will pass soon.  I just have to sit or go to sleep for a while.   

I blame the medications I had to take when I first started seeking treatment back in 2010.  I was on so many medications and they were changed so often that I developed more problems.  One of the worst is tremors in my hands.  Sometimes they shake so badly that  I can't hold anything.  Even at the best, there is a fine tremor in them that makes it hard when I'm painting or drawing small details. I get very frustrated, but I'm learning to keep trying.

For AEDM, I spent some time painting these clay pieces I made a few weeks ago.  I've still a little ways to go, but it was all I could do today.  

On this mornings walk, I followed the path I took yesterday.  There are two bridges on this route.  The first goes over the Deep River and the second over a swampy area that leaks off the river.  Yesterday when I crossed that first bridge, I felt a bit nauseous and jittery.  I turned back around and headed back at the end of that bridge and felt the same feelings as I crossed it.  I chalked it up to having not walked in a day or two and my footing being slick from the rain and fallen leaves.

Today I went back the same route and when I hit that first step on the bridge, the nausea and jittery feelings returned.  As soon as I stepped off the other end, the feelings went away.  I kept going and went on across the second bridge.  
Everything felt fine.  No jitters, no nausea.  I turned back to head home and as soon as my foot hit that first bridge, the feelings returned.  Once again, as soon as I stepped off the bridge, the feelings went away.  My intuition is telling me that someone drowned at that spot in the river.  I feel it was from a very long time ago.  Just to be sure, I did a cursory online search for drownings in Deep River, but found nothing.  I've learned over many years that I have to listen when my intuition speaks like that.  Oh my, that one bridge is going to give me trouble.  I may have to change my route again.  

thanks for stopping by!
love & blessings

ps...the photo is of the second bridge, not the trouble bridge.


Laura Morrigan said...

The painting looks great!

Sometimes side effects of medication can be worse than the cure! Hugs, hope you feel better soon!

I sometimes think that any place that is really old must have had someone die there at some point. Whether or not that is the case if it is not important for you to cross this bridge then it is best to find another path!

Winter Moon said...

I love those clay pieces.

Hopefully you'll find what you need, to help with your headaches and shaking hands ♥

What an odd occurrence at the bridge. If you can't get to the bottom of what's causing it, then I think you're right to change your route again.

Enjoy your day :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your clay pieces are great! Very wiccan!

The Happy Hermit said...

I am sorry to hear about your health problems, headaches and hand tremors. I have a lot of health problems too, and sometimes I get SOOO frustrated at my limitations. But you are right, we need to just do what we can, keep trying, and be kind and nurturing to ourselves.

Very interesting about the bridge thing! Good for you for listening to your intuition like that. My sister can feel the energy of places like that. She was a wreck when we visited the twin towers. I don't feel the energy of places as much as people and animals.

I think it will be fun getting to know you. ~Stacie

Stacie said...

Oh, just so you know, The Happy Hermit is also Stacie at stacieknapp.blogspot.com. :-)