09 May 2013

when the sun shines...

The sun peeked through late yesterday evening.  Just as it was headed in for the night.  I was so happy to see it.  It's been such a cold wet week.  I feel like winter is leaving all over again.  Normally I'm a winter girl.  I love the snow and cold, but lately, I need the warmth and heat of the sun.  I need to feel it soaking into my skin.  When it does I can feel it sink all the way down into my soul.

I spent some time yesterday sitting for my favorite littles.  I call them my little soul children.  They are the children of my best friend, but I've been close to them since birth and cherish any time I spend with them.  We played games on the Wii, a board game (Trouble) and played with dolls and trucks.  So much laughter and giggles, little girl and little boy hugs and kisses.  That too is good for my soul.

My Tuesday garden work day got put off due to the weather.  I am hopeful that they will come tomorrow or at the very latest this coming Tuesday.  My poor little seedlings are not doing so well, some of them.  Many have set their second set of leaves and I'm ready to start hardening them off and getting them in the garden.

My roses are starting to bloom.  I just came in from checking them and they smell so divine.  I only have my one poor David Austin.  I really want to plant many more as I love roses, but I really only like the old english style, which I can't seem to find locally.  I suppose I'll have to search online for some, I'd really like to add at least one more this year.  Maybe two.  :-)  I've decided to hold off on adding blueberries to the garden this year.  I want to get that new section cleaned up and then replan my plantings.  :-)

I'm seriously considering taking this course in July.  It is close to our lake house and I could stay there and save on room and board.  I met Nina at The Red Thread Retreat this past October and have been a dedicated reader of her blog for several years.  Her words are so evocative and always speak to something deep inside me.  She is a beautiful person, both inside and out and I would love the chance to learn from her again.

I have been drawing again in my little sketchbook.  Being offline for so long I lost touch with my 52 PickUp that Lesley Riley is hosting.  In cleaning up old emails the other day I read through the previously missed messages.  One was a prompt to do something with an included sheet, do it right then.  So, I printed out the paper and started drawing.  I've been working every day even for just a little bit.  They are right you know, art does make the soul happy. 

It's time to head out into that sunlight.  It's still too wet to garden, but I'll take my sketchbook and kindle.  Maybe I'll even paint my toenails.  :-)


ps...if you love roses, head over to Miss Vanessa's for a peek at her roses.  She is amazing!

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