04 May 2013

flowers & things...

It's been a very grey, cold, wet week here.  Yesterday we had a bit of off and on sun so I tried to take advantage and get some outside time. 

I potted up some plants and dug up and potted lemon balm, mugwort and st. john's wort from the old garden.  I'm trying to get as much saved as possible as the yard gang comes on Tuesday to clear it all out.  Since I can't really get them all dug up, I harvested some lemon balm today and made an oil.  I hope tomorrow to do the same with the mugwort before the rain comes in.  
 Don't you just love flowers?  I love the way they look and smell, how they seem to smile at me while I work with them.  I just don't know what I'd do if I couldn't have a garden.

My rhododendron is blooming!  It doesn't bloom every year and I can't remember when the last time was that it bloomed.  I love the colors.
Today was farmers market day and I picked up some geraniums for my mum, one for my second mum (a friend who acts like a mum) and one for me.  I also picked up more strawberries.  I just can't get enough fresh seasonal strawberries.  Tomorrow is an Arts & Craft fair at the market and I'm thinking of going.

I'm still exhausted, every minute of every day and still have the head pain the same.  Only a week before I go to the new doctor for the headaches.  I can't tell you how much hope I'm putting on this new clinic.  I'm not sure at all what to anticipate, but I'm still hopeful that they will be able to help.

Off to have dinner, collards, pintos and mac & cheese.  :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Foxglove Lane said...

Beautiful garden Laura, you are blessed indeed:~))

Lorna said...

the wonders of spring. Lovely photos too.

Cameron said...

You are sure keeping busy! Love what beauty your busy-ness creates :)