04 February 2014

getting back up

I hadn't meant to be away for so long.  Things happened and got in the way and I couldn't find my way back here until now.  You see, I fell.  Not down Alice's rabbit hole, although it feels quite a bit like that.  I literally fell.  In the middle of Barnes & Noble.  During a book reading/signing.  And I didn't just fall.  I passed out.  Sigh...

I'll try to give you the short version. 
I went last week to see Sarah Addison Allen (one of my very favorite writers) for a reading of her new book and a signing.  I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and reading and just as it was ending, had what felt like a hot flash.  I moved out of the way of others to cool down and then a few minutes later I got that numb face/tunnel vision thing.  Next I know, I'm waking up face down on the floor.  Only I felt like I was sitting up.  I was very disoriented and confused.  I checked my blood sugar and it was fine.  I couldn't seem to talk and explain things or answer questions.  I couldn't remember how old I was.  I couldn't think.  I couldn't grip things and I couldn't breathe.

Finally calmed down, EMTs took me to hospital where I was poked and prodded.  Several EKG's showed no issue with my heart.  Blood work and CT scan were normal.  Blood pressure was quite low and I did have a small infection so they gave me an RX for antibiotic and sent me home after about 4 hours with advice not to drive for a few days.

It was and honestly still is very scary to me.  You see, eight days later, I'm still confused, discombobulated.  I still feel dizzy often and can't find words.  I have a call in to my Neurologist, per my therapist, because earlier in the day that the whole ordeal happened, I'd been having the worst headache I've had.  That is a lot of pain.  Oy!

So I've spent the last week, just resting.  Reading a little, a bit of cooking (cause if I don't cook, I don't eat), practicing crochet, and just being. 

Then there was this...

We finally had a measurable snow fall.  It was so beautiful and really cold so it hung around for several days.  That worked out great as I wasn't allowed to drive anyway and didn't even have my car.

Once I was able to drive and went to get my car I also stopped to pick up my book.  The manager at B&N had held it for me so I wouldn't lose it.  He even had it signed for me.

I am so sad that I didn't get to meet her.  Hopefully I'll have another chance.  I have a couple of library books to finish, then I'm taking a trip to Lost Lake.  :-)

I have tons of missed blog posts to read and need to get tax stuff ready.  That should keep me occupied for a few days.  I hope it won't take weeks to get back here again.

What have you been up to?



Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness poor you! That is rotten! I hope you are feeling better. The only time I've ever even come close to passing out was when I cut my ankle shaving my legs in the hot bath tub. I am squeamish and it was bleeding a lot, so I got out of the bath and the shock from getting out of the hot water and the bleeding just was too much and I almost went down if it weren't for my mom helping me! It was scary so I can only imagine what it would be like in a book shop! I am happy to see Sarah Addison Allen signed the book for you, she is one of my favourites too :)

Ms Misantropia said...

That does sound scary. The most likely reason is probably just a sudden drop in blood pressure. It's not dangerous, but my dad had that and fell really badly a few years ago. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself more.

Though I don't like the sound of losing your memory and you still being discombobulated... I'm hoping it's just the lingering psychological effects of the scare, but you really should get checked out for mini-strokes. About 20% of the population have "thicker" blood than the rest - make sure you are not in that category.

Take care and feel better!

Lorna said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and getting a chance at the Lost Lake. I'll be reading it this week too.

Take good care, L

Laura said...

Sending healing blessings your way.