23 January 2014

Trying and Doing

Is there really all that much difference in Trying and Doing?  

Trying - make an attempt or effort to do something

Doing - 1. the activities in which a particular person engages
                2. effort, activity

So really, trying and doing are the same thing.  In my mind, trying lacks a little from doing.  To say that I am trying to do something is less encouraging as saying that I am doing something.

When I look at my life right now I can say that I am doing this healthy eating thing (yes, I know, very bad grammar) instead of saying that I am trying to eat healthy.  Because, I am.  I'm on day 23 of the gluten free/sugar free eating and for me that is quite an accomplishment.  

I am, or rather was,  a sugar addict.  I had to have something sweet after every meal and several times in between.  When I snacked it was on cakes, cookies, ice cream and candy.  I can't even imagine how much soda I drank a day. Now if I want something sweet, I have a piece of fruit.  

Or one of these: 

(flourless cocoa cookies from Shirley at gluten free easily)

  or a couple bite of this:

 (very berry sorbet from Brooke & Bri at gluten free anonymous)

My meals consisted of bread, pasta, more bread, some meat, maybe a vegetable that had been fried and more pasta.  Now, meat (sorry but I can't give up my meat) and lots of vegetables.  

This new eating way of life for me is a blessing.  I have so much more energy than I have had in my entire 40 odd years.  I haven't had any headache relief, which was the soul purpose of doing this, but I know that it takes time.  I'm willing to wait.  

I enjoy food again.  I look forward to seeing what I can fix for a meal that is healthy and tastes good.  I'm looking forward to making more recipes.  And I really do not miss the sweets.  Those cookies, are perfect.  A yummy blend of chocolate and peanut butter and not too sweet.  I used coconut sugar and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste at all like coconut.  And the sorbet was like having my old standby sugar full smoothie.  But this has only natural sugar that is found in fruit.  (I made mine with orange juice concentrate, bananas, and frozen peaches.)  Wonderful.  

I even successfully went out to eat on Sunday and had a gluten free/sugar free meal.  I no longer say that I am trying to eat this way.  

I am doing it.

And it feels so good.

 (flowers from the Farmers Market - to remind me of spring in this cold weather)

What are you doing instead of trying?


ps... it doesn't hurt that I've lost 7.5 lbs since the first of January.  :-)

pss... the other thing I'm doing instead of trying is learning to crochet - inspired several amazing ladies, like - Vanessa, and Tif, and Lucy!  


Jennifer said...

What does Yoda say? "Do or do not, there is no try" I DISAGREE WITH HIM! I think there is only try ;) And you are succeeding wonderfully so it seems! I've been trying to cut out the burgers and fries, and the amount of Ferrero Rocher's I had over Christmas caused a bit of weight gain. Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down two pounds since Monday so maybe the better eating is better for my waistline too!

Ms Misantropia said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. And I say: "Doing this...thing" all the time! :)

Though I can't see the difference between sugar and using honey/coconut sugar etc..? It's still just pure carbs if you look at the content, right..?

Bluefinch said...

Good for you! All this DOING you are doing, and girl, you do have a list of doings! Keep going! Are you going back to the Red Thread this fall? Keep up the good work! The headaches will hopefully clear soon.

Eve said...

Interesting and so true!
I always tell my kids when they say they'll "try" to do something that can't "try".
You do it or you don't do it. Sure you can fail, it may not work out exactly like you planned, but you did it.