11 February 2014


It appears that winter is finally ready to share her bounty with the area I live in.  We are in for a pretty good winter storm if the meteorologists are to be believed.  And all the signs have been pointing to it lately.  Several nights ago there was a huge ring around the moon (a sign of snow and/or trouble).  The wildlife has been scrounging around in a flurry for extra food.  

The image below is from the weather channel's web site.  If you look at the map and find the word SNOW,  I live around the W.  We are getting forecasts of anywhere from 5 inches to a foot of snow.
I bet you can guess which I'm hoping for.  :-)

Yesterday was tax day for me.  So now I have that done and don't have to worry anymore about it.  I also saw the doctor about that episode from two weeks ago and the resultant problems.  I must say, I wasn't very encouraged when I left.  In fact, I was in tears when I left the hospital.  He didn't seem at all concerned about the word retrieval, confusion and disconnectedness I'm experiencing.  He wants me to have all the MRI's, etc., test results that I have had within the last year sent to him and then go back to see him in three months.  I am trying to get in to see my regular neurologist but the earliest appointment they have is May.  

I guess the only thing I can do is just keep plugging along and being careful.  I don't know what else to do.  


As you can see by the photo below, I'm ready for the snow.

It snowed almost all day yesterday but didn't accumulate at all.  I still enjoyed it.  Going to and from errands, being out in the snow without a threat of slipping was great.  I even took the time to visit my friends at Green Hill Cemetery.  

During my house arrest after the fall, I went a little stir crazy and rearranged the living room.  I'd been wanting to be able to sit very close to the fireplace so I would feel the warmth when it is on.  Now I can and it is quite cozy. So I'm all ready for the storm.  

I have plenty of food, am going to make Senate Bean Soup tomorrow.  I found it via Jaz at Octoberfarm.  I've been wanting to make it for weeks and this seems like a great time.

I think I've rambled enough for now.  I'm off to make certain my camera batteries are all charged, get my beans soaking,  experiment with an ice cream recipe and do some blog reading.

I hope you are having a great week.  I'll get back soon with hopefully some snow photos.  (Not that a lot of you really want to see more snow!  Haha!)



Jennifer said...

Oh no I'm sorry to hear about the badness and tests and discouragement and all that nasty health stuff. Hunkering down for the storm with coziness and food will help, being home will be the best way to cope with worries and winter!

Ms Misantropia said...

Maybe the doctor was just playing it safe and didn't want to concern you with ifs, buts & maybes until he actually had the facts. I think the tests he ordered sound good. But if you don't feel satisfied with his treatment of your situation, ask him more questions, get him on the phone at least. Unfortunately sometimes you only get as much help as you know to ask for.