08 November 2009

Thank you St. Francis!

My beastie baby came through surgery just fine. The surgery took about two hours, they pulled out a big part of the cob that the surgeon said would never have been able to be passed through his system. They also got another small part that had the two toothpicks still in it. (I don't own any corn holders so I use toothpicks - which increased my worry about him having eaten it to begin with. He'd already vomited up the other two toothpicks and a small part of the cob.)

She did find some abnormal looking sites on one of his liver nodes and biopsied that, but said that for his age and as long as he's been diabetic, he looks pretty good. When she called, about 40 minutes after surgery ended, he was already standing up and moving around.

I'll go get him in the morning, take him (some food and his insulin) to his regular vet for them to monitor him and make sure he eats and his blood sugar is stable. Hopefully he will come home tomorrow night.

Thank you for your prayers. I just don't know what I'd do without him. I'm already plotting how I'm going to stay warm tonight! :)



Diane said...

yay!!!! good news!

Blue Moon said...

I'm so glad that sweet pup of yours is doing well. He is such a beauty. I have a yellow lab that is the love of our lives. When one of us is sick he stays right by us, when the kids were little he would follow them to the bathroom at night, then walk them back to their room. He's getting older know, and his eyes are cloudy, and he weezes a bit, and has arthritis. We rub his sore joints some times, and give him 1/2 an aspirin now and then. We love him dearly, and I was feeling so sorry for you and your predicument. I'm so glad it is working out.
*Peace and Blessings*

Patricia said...

So glad and relieved that he came through just fine! I hope he has a speedy recovery (and you too mom)!