17 November 2009


I was checking email and cuddling with the beastie when I happened to glance out the front window. The color outside was such a pretty pink/orange mix that I grabbed my camera and ran out to try to capture it.

The picture is a little darker than the light actually was, but it is pretty close to what I saw.

In an effort to do more of my favorite things, I did a little experimenting at dinner tonight. I needed to find something to have with the chili that I made over the weekend. I can't stand eating the same leftovers after the third or fourth meal. So, I try to do some different things with them. What can you do to make chili different?

I had some potatoes and homegrown bell peppers in a bowl on the counter and I'd been contemplating what I could do with them. What to do, what to do...

So, I tossed some butter in a skillet...

...chopped up some bell peppers, a little onion and a couple of small potatoes.

I tossed the onion and pepper into the pan first.

I added the potatoes a few minutes later. Then I sprinkled on a little freshly ground black pepper, sea salt and nice dusting of garlic powder.

I gave them a stir and cooked them until the potatoes where just a little soft and browned.

I heated up a bit of this weekends chili, topped it with a little shredded cheese and...


It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Simple, quick and a decent dinner.

I've been finding some very cool recipes online and am looking forward to trying some of them.

The apple and pumpkin breads that I took to work today were warmly received. I hope my co-workers won't mind being my guinea pigs when it comes to my baking. :)

A brief beastie update: Late yesterday afternoon, the amazing Dr. F (our favorite vet) called to check up on the beastie. I described his symptoms and his all night pee-fests. She prescribed a pain med which I immediately went to pick up. He snuck into bed with me last night and slept through the night. He didn't try to jump down at all and I was able to pick him up and lower him without too much trouble. He's still real wobbly on his legs and I can see some pain in his eyes. I think the pain medicine kind of drugs him a bit because he was very dizzy looking a few hours after he had it tonight. I guess we'll see how he does tonight. I'm to call Dr. F in the morning with another update. She is so fabulous!

Well, I'm off to do some more blog hopping. I need to work on the black and white scarf, but it is impossible to knit with this big satellite dish dog head in my lap. :)



Mother's Moon's Message said...

beautiful picture.... nice colors..hard to top onions, peppers and potatoes.... looks good....

Lorna said...

I love that picture---the experience must have been wonderful.

Alina said...

Beautiful scene! So glad your "Beastie" is doing better :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am soooo glad your pup is doing better. my poor teddy is still not doing so good. we can not figure out what is wrong with her. all the vet specialists haven't a clue. too bad these pets can't talk and give us a clue!

Rook No. 17 said...

Laura, thanks for visiting and following Rook No. 17! I'm so glad we found each other! I hope your beastie is doing better. Beautiful photo of the tree silhouettes. Love what you did with the chili! That would have been tasty wrapped up in a tortilla too! Cheers! Jenn

Rue said...

Wow - gorgeous sky!

I do hope Beastie gets better soon. A little groggy might be okay if it numbs his pain a bit. Heal soon pup!