19 November 2009

bake, knit, look and listen

Well, it has been a grey few days here and I have to say I'm loving it. Winter gets closer with every raindrop. I think tomorrow the sun is to come out and the temps go back into the high 60's. I prefer cloudy and 30's with snow, but you take what you can get when you live in the south. :)

Tonight I made another batch of apple bread and this one seems to have turned out better than the first batch. I had a co-worker ask me to make them a loaf to take on a trip to see their family. She wants to pay me for it so now I have to figure out how much to ask. Weird. I've never been paid for my food before.

Speaking of food...

the addiction continues.... I need help... or to at least find a recipe that doesn't have as much sugar/carb count. :)

I worked on the black and white scarf last night and made a good amount of progress. I'm hoping to get it finished by Thanksgiving. I have an idea for a scarf that I want to try and am anxious to start it.

This weekend I have Thanksgiving with my dad's side. I'm to make a squash/zucchini casserole. Just as I was typing this I remembered that I forgot to get my supplies when I ran to the grocers to get supplies for the apple bread. Sheesh... guess I'll be going back to the grocers tomorrow.

Now for some color...

Japanese maple at the bedroom window

hmm... where did I leave that rake?

oh... this came in the mail today...

I think I'll check it out while I watch the UNC ballgame.

I'm loving this song...are you going to see the movie? I'm going to try to wait a few weeks, I don't like crowded theaters. So if you do see it, please don't tell me about it. :)



Rilana said...

I love your photos. :-) Hey, you gonna share some of those gummy worms? LOL! I can't eat them anyways (diabetic and all). I can't remember what they even taste like these days. Glad you are doing better too. HUGS!

Lorna said...

you just sound pretty content...good for you.