30 September 2009

lets take a ride

As of now, I'm still going on my trip. The migraines are fading in and out and I'm quite anxious about this trip, but I feel that I truly need to get away from here for a few days. I went out for a bit earlier, picking up some things for the babies and filling the car with gas for the trip. I've started packing and picking out things I need to take. I want to have certain things with me, especially since I'll be there during the full moon. This full moon is a wishing moon and I plan to make a few wishes.

As I said, I'm very anxious about this trip, and usually that would keep me from going. But I'm not letting it this time, for two reasons. One is that there are other people that are supposed to be coming up and two because I don't feel like I can get over this bout of anxiety until I get away. Staying home doesn't seem to help when I get like this. I think because I live so close to my work, because one of my coworkers lives near by and my mom is always checking on me I feel trapped here. I feel like I can't even step outside my door.

I definitely need to get away. I definitely need sunshine, fresh air and freedom. I plan to take lots of pictures. If I can find a place with wi-fi, maybe I'll be able to post.



Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

enjoy your time away... may it be just what you need.... blessings

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart...if I was closed in by all those things...I would be having anxiety attacks!

Run to the hills as fast as you can...!!!

Have a lovely time darlin'
See you later.