07 September 2009

a brand new day..

Sorry for such a long post yesterday. It was something I felt I had to get out of my system. Today has been a good day, as was the weekend. I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but I will. :-)

Yesterday I worked in the veggie garden, getting it ready for fall planting. Late yesterday, I made a basil infused oil and a sage infused oil. I also strained up a catnip tincture that we made in my herbal apprenticeship course a few months ago. Since catnip is a sleep aid, I will probably use this to help me try to sleep through the night.

This morning, I've slept in a bit, then worked in the herb bed. I'm trying to save the plants that got tore down by the mower. I was able to find a large number of job's tears.

I plan to plant a lot of these once I get the bed cleared out and then will hopefully have a lovely section for next summer.

Here is a photo of my progress so far...

In the middle of that newspaper is the remnant of the job's tears plant. I'm hopeful that it will survive. I was also able to find the vervain. I don't know if it will live, but I hope so.

All this yard work has left my arm very sore and so despite the nice weather, I'm calling it a day today. I am planning on working on my knitting project that I should have finished last month. I need to get it finished soon or at the rate I'm going, the baby will be an teenager! :-)

Wanna see something cute?

Yes...it's the most vicious ruler of the house...showing his very dangerous teeth and letting out a most commanding roar. Just kidding... it was actually a yawn.

Alright, I'm settling in with the knitting and a Criminal Minds marathon on A&E.

Enjoy the rest of your labor day holiday...


Iritar said...

Don't you love how grounding working with herbs is! Blessings!

Zom said...

If you'd like to start art journaling, look at some of my older posts where I talk about different techniques. Then just jump in!

Anonymous said...

The sage oil sounds wonderful.. Makes me want turkey and stuffing..