17 January 2009

Knitting and Basketball

It's been a day of knitting and basketball in my house today. I picked up my k2p2 scarf and decided to work on it. When I started this morning, I had about 30% done. When I stopped tonight, I have about 85% done. I've had the tv on all day, more than I've had it on in weeks, and I've been checking the basketball scores. Mostly I've been listening to my iPod and knitting.
The only reason I've stopped knitting tonight, because I really really want to finish this scarf, is because I can't knit and watch the Tarheels play ball. I get too keyed up and focused on the game and mess up my knitting.

I doubt I'll get to knit tomorrow, because I'm going on a road trip and when I get home it will be time for the Steelers/Ravens game. (Can you tell I like my sports?)

Tomorrow I'm going to VA for the afternoon to look at the house. I'm taking my camera and hopefully will get some nice photos. I heard there was a chance for snow in the area tomorrow. I figure I should get used to it, if I'm going to move up there. I hope to know when I leave there tomorrow if I'm going to make an offer.

My Heels are up at half and they are getting ready to start back. Gotta get back to it. Go Heels!



Sara said...

Have a safe trip to see "the house" - I hope all goes the way it is supposed to go.

Enjoy the game tonight...

Dracenea said...

Good luck with the house! Hope to see more pictures. : )