04 July 2007

Pictures, I love pictures...

I know I haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry about that. I've been really busy and every time I get ready to post, something comes up and I lose my opportunity. But, today is a holiday (Happy Independence Day, America!) and so I thought I would find the time to post. I have a variety of photos, some from the garden, some flowers and some of animals.

My cousins were in town over the last few days and we took them to the local museum/zoo and I got some very good photos of the animals. At least, I think they are good. :-)

This photo is my favorite: a Bengal tiger

And this is a peacock that was just wandering around

While at my Mum's I found this little baby and took several photos, but I'll only share one now:

And now from the garden,

Yellow Daylilies

The first cherry tomato from my garden

And last but not least, more squash and zucchini from the garden. I gave away a whole bag full of the stuff on Monday. Yesterday I found two more zucchini to pick. I have tons of cayenne peppers and tomatoes on the plants, they just aren't ripe yet. I have a few jalapenos but they aren't ready yet and the eggplants have buds.

Anyway, I'll try to get better with the posts. I have tons going on at work and the yard keeps calling. My health is not so great right now too and that is causing a lot of problems of its own.

Well, I'm off to check on the laundry and maybe knit today. I like having days off to just hang around the house.



Draven said...

Wonderful photo's good job, i love the tiger and the dragonfly...

Pixelle said...

I was so loving it till we got to the tomato! LOL....Love the blog design, it's very fresh and easy on the eyes. I do hope your feeling better lately?