08 July 2007

Green Thumb Sunday...

We'll start today with a lace-cap hydrangea that my step mother gave me yesterday. This one is red and is just huge! I have no idea where to plant it and have been searching the yard for the perfect spot.

Next are sunflowers my step mother brought to lunch yesterday. We didn't grow them, but I love them and thought they made a pretty picture.

These are day lilies during a rain storm we had last week.

And last we have another hydrangea blooming in the yard. I love these plants. I always think of my paternal Grandmother when I see these blooms. She had them in her yard and she loved them so. She was always tinkering with the soil each year to try to get them to change colors. They would go from white to blue to purple. So beautiful!

I have lots of tomatoes and am waiting for them to ripen. I also have bunches of cayenne peppers waiting to ripen. My eggplants are blooms (the most beautiful flowers!) and I haven't taken a picture of them yet. I'll try to get one for next week. My squash and zucchini are still producing with loads of blooms on them. I think my bell peppers are finally getting ready to bloom and my habanero shouldn't be far behind.

That is the end of my garden report this week. Hopefully I'll have more pictures next week.



RUTH said...

Lovely photos. I grow all my Hydrangeas in pots and as long as they are kept watered they do really well. I think eggplant blooms are really pretty too. Happy GTS

No Rain said...

Photos of sunflowers always make me happy. Thanks for that!

chigiy said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful.
And the sunflowers are bright and cheerful. I had sunflowers in my wedding bouquet.