22 July 2007

Green Thumb Sunday...

Not much to post today in regards to Green Thumb Sunday. I haven't been doing much yard work as it has just been way to hot. I need to do some serious weeding in the garden and the herb bed.

For the first picture we have a photo of a cayenne pepper ripening.

Next is a photo of a mystery plant I have found in my garden. I know I didn't plant this and I haven't seen it growing anywhere else in the yard. Does anyone know what it is?

And last but not least is a photo of one of my eggplants.

That's all for today. I've done not much of anything today. I slept until 11 this morning since I didn't get to bed until 2. I read the last Harry Potter book yesterday and finished this morning at 2.

I'm anxious to get back in the pool tomorrow. I missed it this weekend. I may have to adjust my schedule and see if I can't get in an early swim on the weekends too. :-)

Alright, I'm off. If you haven't seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I recommend you do. It was great!



chigiy said...

Here in the Santa Cruz mountains we grow that plant under camouflage netting. When it buds we harvest it and dry it and then we enjoy it.
Just kidding I don't know what that plant is but it sure looks like Cannabis sativa indica.

Pixelle said...

Hehehe...your too cute with your little eggplant! You guys that grow things amaze me! My ivy's do fine but vegetables and I dont' get along at all! Good luck. Are eggplants like zucchini..if you get one, you get a million of them?

kate said...

Hi Laura,

I like the look of that eggplant ... wish I had some growing in my garden. I'll second Chigiy about the plant though I think there are several others having similar leaves. Good for you for going swimming, especially when it's hot!

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

You could make a lot of money off the mystery plant. Kidding. The leaves look like Rose Queen Cleome

No Rain said...

The mystery plant looks like my Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) but I doubt that could be. Let us know if you ever find out.

Anonymous said...