10 August 2015

i love flowers, don't you?

I took a little ride this weekend, about an hour away to a farm in search of fresh cut flowers.  it was a complete bust.  But it was a pretty day, the traffic wasn't bad and I saw some lovely sights.  If only I'd remembered my camera.  

I've been on a hunt for flower farms in the area.  The flowers at the grocers are expensive and rarely in good shape and florists are just too costly.  All I can find at the farmers markets are mixed bouquets.  What I really want is to find something like they have in the big cities, the flower markets with tons of flowers, where you can chose how many of each kind.  

I've really been inspired by people I follow on Instagram and how they use flowers as props, and make up their own bouquets.  I've spent so much on flowers the past month or so.  I must get to work on my little patio garden so that next spring and summer I can have lots of my own flowers to chose from.  I also just love having flowers in around.  

The above picture is of some small bud roses that I bought at the grocers for my ancestor altar.  

I'm off to the neurologist tomorrow.  I haven't seen him in over a year and half.  Last I was there I was told they couldn't help me.  I'm going to see if there is something new that I can try.  The pain has become much worse in the past year.  I really didn't think that was possible.  I rarely go out around people because of how much pain I'm in.  The other day I told my mum just how much pain I was dealing with.  At this point I wish I still had the morphine, even though I was mostly comatose while on it.  Hopefully, the good doctor will have something up his sleeve.  (fingers crossed)

What are you up to this week?



Ms Misantropia said...

Well hello again, welcome back to the blog world!
And good luck at your doctor's appointment. I have one too tomorrow, it's never great fun.

Lorna said...

I hope your doctor is able to help you. It's good to see you back.

Magic Love Crow said...

The flowers are beautiful! Yes, they can be expensive! I truly hope the doctors can help you! Sending you hugs wrapped in blessings ;o)