27 August 2015

a few favorites

Hello out there.  I hope you are doing well.  I've been playing around more and feeling a bit better.  There has been bread made (Pastor Ryan's Bloomin' Herb Bread) and an Amish Friendship Bread starter, well...started and my Grandmothers recipe for banana bread.   There have been trips to the farmer's markets, flowers, beautiful sunsets, dragonflies and signs of Autumn.  

This morning it was 63 degrees when I woke at 6:30.  I have been sleeping with my bedroom windows open at night and loving the cool air.  About an hour was spent out on the patio yesterday pulling weeds and cleaning up.  I spent another hour this morning before heading out to the grocer.  That seems to be a good amount for me.  I can get a fair bit done and not have my body revolt.

I seem to be fascinated by light lately.  I watch as the sun moves across the sky and I follow the patterns that it creates on objects in my home.  There was an amazing sunset the other night that I almost missed.  I was working on my practice crochet blanket and happened to look up.  A hint of orange caught my eye so I went to the front windows.  The sight that met my eyes was stunning.  Streaks of orange against gray and pink.  It was beautiful.  The bottom photo above is from that sunset.  It doesn't do it justice, but it is a nice image to help me remember.  

August is almost over.  It is always my most difficult month to get through, as so many that I love have passed over in this month over the years.  I did small remembrance posts on Instagram on the appropriate days for my Grandparents.  I wanted to do something, but wasn't up to Facebook or even a post here.   

That is about all I have to share today.  I have a couple of ideas for posts in mind that I'll start working on to share in the next few days.  I really want to be here more and am going to work towards that goal.  

What is your current fascination?



CIELO said...

Lovely blog.... I shall be back...


creamycitydreamsicle said...

Beautiful collection! So glad to hear it was a good week for you and that you're feeling better. Autumn hasn't started showing signs here yet...but I'm on the look out! :)

Incipient Wings said...

You've been busy also:-)
Everything here is much the same, weather wise that is..
It won't cool down here until November.
So lucky to get to sleep with your windows open!!
That bread looks incredible.. Oh, I absolutely love that first photo.
Thanks again for stopping by!