17 December 2012

a grey day

I stepped outside to the porch this afternoon and took the above photo.  My lights are on a timer, set to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.  It was about 4:30 when I saw the lights come on through the window.  It seemed appropriate for today.  For the last several days, actually.  Grey skies...rain...

My heart breaks for the families and friends of those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut.  One of my Facebook friends made the comment that "you cannot rationalize an irrational act".  These have been the only words that have made sense to me.

There has been much activity in my little cottage over the last couple of weeks.  I got it into my head that I couldn't stand the chaos anymore.  So, I went to work.  Every room except one, the laundry, has been cleaned top to bottom and organized as much as possible.  I still have some work to do, tubs in the attic that need to be sorted out.  I'm at my comfort point now, though.  I can look around my home and be comfortable.  I can go into my studio and find my tools easily, sit down at the work table and create.  It has made me very happy.  I even hosted a little dinner party this past weekend.  Just myself, my mum and a friend.  But it was so lovely to have people over and not be embarrassed about the mess.

There has been knitting progress.  I made my first hat.  It didn't turn out exactly as it should, but it turned out cute enough for me.  I was very pleased with it.  I'm planning to make some to give as gifts, probably for next year, as this year has rushed away from me.  This is the year of homemade treats.  I'll be making more goodies this week.  I'm already planning homemade gifts for next year - mostly knitted things, I think.

I finished a scarf for a sweet little boy I know and am working on one for his adorable little sister (below).  She loves color and I thought this yarn would be cute for her.  Now I must get busy working on it so I have it done in time.  She also has a birthday this week and I must get out and shop for something small for her.  I have a few more items to get for this years presents and then I'm done.  I've tried to stay out of the big box stores and shop local as often as possible.

I've missed being here.  I've missed reading the blogs of so many of you.  It is funny to me how many posts I write in my head while I'm cleaning or sorting or baking.  But when I come to the computer and start to write...my mind goes blank. 

I've just realized while sitting here that I never finished sharing about my October adventure.  I will do that soon.  (I promise I'll try.)

I hope that you are all doing well.  Thanks for reading and hanging in there with me.  This time of year is always difficult for me and well...you know.


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Victoria said...

Hi Laura..gorgeous photo..very magical and peaceful!That scarf looks fabulous..lovely colors! Yes the tragedies are so saddening!
Wishing you many hugs and blessings..shine on kindred!