31 July 2010

coming to you live from the...

...horizontal position...

that's right. i'm horizontal. :) i've been horizontal since 9am yesterday morning. sure, i can get up and get vertical for a few minutes for things like, well...bathroom breaks and feeding the kids. otherwise..horizontal is my life

do any of you know how hard it is to type whilst lying down? i didn't realize until this. hope i don't make too many typos

the lumbar puncture went well yesterday, wasn't nearly as bad as i was expecting. it was a bit painful but i did fine. the radiologist said that i do have elevated pressure in the spinal fluid/column/whatevertheyweremeasuring but he didn't know if it was enough to be causing my problem. he said the doc would get the report and get back to me (hopefully this coming week)...they collected about 6 small vials of the fluid to send off for tests but he couldn't or maybe wouldn't tell me what tests would be run.

after the procedure i was sent to recovery to rest for several hours and for some reason while i was lying there in the dark, i broke down and started to just bawl. i don't know what triggered it. i wasn't in any more pain than usual, but something just needed to be let out i suppose.

the rest of the day and night was uneventful. there isn't too much excitement to be had when one is told to lie still for hours and hours. to pass the time i tried to catch up on my blog reading and even watched practical magic on my laptop. i haven't a tv in my bedroom so movies on the laptop it is.

i woke this morning around 6 and slowly got up to feed the kids. there wasn't any pain more than i'm used to when i sat and then stood up so i took that as a good sign. however when bending over to put down the kids food bowls for them, i felt excruciating pains in my head. i worked as quickly as possible then we all went back to bed

a few hours later i woke and when i got up to use the facilities i discovered that the curse of the lumbar side effects had hit me. in addition to my usual migraine pain i have what the doctors called a positional headache. basically if i'm lying flat, it isn't there, but when i try to get to a vertical position, well...back comes the excruciating stabbing pains. i was told that if i got one of these to lay back down for 24 hours and if it is still around after the additional 24 that i'm to call radiology and will have to go back to have a "blood patch". oh and to drink lots and lots of caffine...ugh...

so i've lain here all morning, unable to go back to sleep, but so tired of trying to look at the computer from the side. my mum and brother came by earlier and worked on my yard for me so most of the jungle in the back is gone and the front looks quite lovely (i peaked out when i last got up for a facilities break). it is nice and cool out today according to the weather channel website and oh how i wish i could open my windows and get some cool air...but i haven't the strength nor vertical fortitude right now :) we are to get some thunderstorms later today and i'm quite looking forward to listening to the rain falling

well i must toddle off for now...i can't wait to be able to take pictures again...my posts seem so boring without photos

there are still a few days to enter the CSN stores gift card giveaway. there is a link at the top of the right hand sidebar. i mean who couldn't use a free $80 to spend right? :)

have a wonderful day


Lorna said...

That sounds so uncomfortable. I hope you get some relief soon.

Karen said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading - I'm so sorry to hear everything you are going through. :( I'm glad the procedure went fairly well, but I hope the recovery gets much better quickly!! I'm sending positive energies to you!!