26 January 2010

of drugs and hope

That last post was the beginning of a mighty downfall. The next day dawned with the worst migraine I'd ever had. I was bedridden for five days. I could barely make it to the bathroom and messed up the beastie's meds twice. Saturday I began to feel human again, enough that I could sit up on the sofa, watch a little Hell's Kitchen (with the volume turned very low) and surf on the net a bit.

Sunday, it started going back down hill. I was desperate on Monday after five more days away from work. Five days that I don't have coverage for. Five days that will be docked from my pay. Today actually made six. But hope is on the horizon.

Yesterday I called my physician's office and they were able to fit me in first thing this morning. After a brief discussion, very simple exam and an A1C test, she referred me to a neurologist (and put me back on Byetta because my A1C has gone back up to 8.5).

The neurologist was able to see me this afternoon and so I spent the majority of the day either in the doctor's office, driving to and from or at the pharmacist. The neurologist has given me Oxycodone (which makes me very dizzy and loopy feeling), phenegren (which is quite handy as the oxycodone makes me quite nauseous as well) and keppra (which i'll take daily). He's also prescribed some sort of nose spray that has to be specially made. The oxy and nose spray are to be taken sparsely.

Before the week is out, I will be contacted with dates for both an MRI and a sleep study. He also mentioned the possibility of needing to do a spinal tap (which completely freaked me out).

Oh, I almost forgot, one of his first questions after he looked over my paperwork was to ask how much work I'd missed over the past year. He highly recommended that I get an FLMA or FMLA form from our HR department and bring it in. I plan to do that tomorrow when (because I'm determined to make it) I get to work. I also plan to discuss the situation with my supervisor.

Anyway, I hope this post makes sense. The drugs are making me loopy and I can't think very clearly. Hmmm...maybe this post wasn't such a good idea? :)



Lorna said...

What hell! Still you seem to be on the "up" side of it. If you fill in those forms, will you be able to be compensated?

Anonymous said...

Prayin for ya :)


Mother's Moon's Message said...

definately check into FMLA... am sure it is covered.... and it will take a load of worry off of you... Glad to hear that you are finding some possible solutions.... If approved for FMLA... those 6 days will not be dock days... nice huh!

Patricia said...

Hope you get some answers (and relief) soon!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

uh oh...watch it or you might be hit with a PUI...posting under the influence. so sorry to hear about the migraine. i have suffered from them for years. i took all kinds of drugs for them and none ever worked. they did make me sick and loopy as well. not that this would work for you but after all my years of debilitation with these nasty migraines, i used excedrin migraine. a miracle!!! i know it sounds stupid and i thought so too. but a few years ago i was on a trip and i got one. i had none of my medications with me so i stopped at a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what he had that i could take. he offered up the exedrin. i almost hit him with them but i had no choice but to take them at the time. i could not believe it when 15 minutes later i felt almost normal. i lose my eyesight when i get them and even my eyesight was restored. so, maybe they just work for me but i have never used anything else since. it's worth a try!