25 February 2009


is that a word? sinusy? I doubt it, but I'm too hopped up on hydocodone to care. :-)

i have a sinus infection. this is day five and i finally went to the doc today after getting dizzy while driving a work vehicle this morning. work sent me home and so off i went to doc. no strep..yay! but crappy sinus infection

i finally got my voice back today too... oh..got a question? where does snot come from? I know ... weird question, right? but really...i blow my nose and two seconds later, it is full again... i really don't understand it... but it is really gross..

okay..now that i've grossed everyone out...i'm going to go... i think the hydrocodone is kicking in and i will be out soon...

i hope to get back to regular posting soon...



Draven said...

hope you feel better soon... I always wonder how one small nose can make so much snot, lol... Oh I posted a few pics on my blog with the books and some drawings... HUGS

Ordinary Biscuit said...

take care, don't forget your dose of vitamins to boost your immune system.