09 July 2016

Part 3

Bullets, Bombshells and The Best Laid Plans...

I'm back today with part 3 of my round up of the events of this year, so far.  You can find part 1 at Bullets and Part 2 at Bombshells

The Best Laid Plans

If you've been reading here for a while, you'll know that I go through periods of hibernation.  Living with chronic pain every minute makes living a full life very difficult for me.  Last year, I spent most of the year in extreme hibernation and finally started to come out of it around the middle to end of summer.  

Emerging meant finding things to help me cope with the pain and finding things that I can enjoy and make me feel like I'm actually living as opposed to existing.  Activities such as drawing, painting, writing, blogging, taking pictures, baking, etc.

Sometime last August or September, I found myself with an overwhelming desire to be outside.  So I started taking walks.  When I started, I couldn't even walk a half mile.  But I kept at it, and each time I walked, I was able to go a little bit further.  Eventually, I'd built up to 3.5 miles. 

When the new year came around I was doing great.  Exercising, drawing/painting every day, knitting a lot, and in general just having a rather enjoyable time.  I became determined to keep that going and not let myself get sucked back into the deep dark pit.  I joined the local Y and signed up with a personal trainer.  I exercised at least six days a week and joined a couple of art challenges online.   I felt so good.  I was very proud of myself for my exercising (and all the weight I'd lost and stamina that I'd built up).  I was getting much better with my drawings and my art in general was much improved. 

And well...the best laid plans...

Yep, you guessed it.  With the events of part 1 and part 2, everything fell apart.  I couldn't hold a pen/pencil/paintbrush steady with all the trembling (emotional and prescription change induced), I couldn't find time to hit the gym between hospital trips and bedside tending.  Then the new prescriptions kicked in and I could barely get out of bed.  It all became a giant cluster f*%#.  So...

Here I sit, beginning AGAIN.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is try again, over and over.

I went for a walk this morning as soon as I woke up.  The sun wasn't quite above the tree line and I felt it might be safe.  I walked .86 miles and it took me almost 18 minutes.  Before I quit exercising back in March, I'd worked up to almost a 15 minute mile.  :-(

Oh well...

Now I'm moving forward.  There are lots of things to look forward to, including figuring out my new computer (which I'm currently typing on and having a bloody difficult time doing), tea parties, summer flowers and gardens, fresh fruits and veggies and more.

On to the fun!  It is once again time for the wonderful summer extravaganza that is the Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Vanessa announced the date last week and here is my formal announcement that I'll be joining in the fun.

If you'd like to join in, click the link here.  It will take you to the post on Vanessa's blog announcing the party. 

Come join us for the party, it will be loads of fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
love & blessings


Laura M said...

I'm so sorry for everything you're going through!

Magic Love Crow said...

Shit Laura, I don't know why things happen, but I can honestly say, there is lessons in everything! You keep going! You can do it! Big Hugs and Much Love!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jeez yeah, you've had a tough year! I read your last two posts which I had missed, being out of town over that weekend. I hope things are onwards and upwards from now on.