02 July 2016

Part 2

Bullets, Bombshells and the Best Laid Plans...

My last post was a round up of part 1, Bullets.  Today, I'll give another brief round up of part 2.


Way back in December, at my quarterly check-in with my Endo, he seemed concerned that my throat felt swollen.  He sent me off for an ultrasound of my thyroid.  I had also noticed that my throat felt larger and harder (weird to explain) and my usual difficulty swallowing was getting worse.  As I constantly feel like a hypochondriac with all my health issues, I didn't say anything to him about it. 

The ultrasound procedure was quick and she said they'd have the results to the doctor in a few days.  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Two weeks later and I get a call that there are some growths on my thyroid and they want to do a biopsy.  Of course, the use of the "b" word completely freaked me out.  But I stayed calm and said, okay.  I expected when the call came to schedule the procedure it would be set for maybe a week or soon as this isn't something you wait around on.  Well...you know what happens when one assumes.

So, first week in January they call to schedule the biopsy.  For the END of February.  That's right.  Make a person who is already freaked out about needing a freaking biopsy to wait almost two months before doing the actual test.  But...I held it together and then was distracted by Bullets

(Now a little aside here, I'd not told anyone, including my family, what was going on up until just before the procedure.  I'd also been very specific to ask those that I did tell to not share the information with anyone at all. I had my reasons, part of which have to do with that hyprochondriacness and other things.)

Come to the end of February, off to the doctors I go.   I was able to see my thyroid as he did the biopsy.  Seeing the growths he was talking about I made the comment that they didn't look small to me.  To which I got silence.  Complete crickets.  So, even more freaked out I stayed quiet so we could proceed.  The procedure was nerve wracking but I'd been through biopsies before so I did okay.  Although, having to hold my throat so very still was extremely difficult for some reason.

Afterwards, the doctor said he should have the results in about week.  A week goes by, my mum calls asking if I've heard.  Nope, I say.  She says to call the doctor.  Another week goes by, another call from my mum (of course by that point I was getting a call from her just to ask about this every other day).  Not only is she asking about it, but she's telling me about her friends asking her about it.  Huh?  Yeah, so much for my request for privacy.

I continue to be patient and wait.  

I am not known for my patience.  In fact, I'm know for being completely impatient especially when it comes to medical things.  I've been down this strange growths, biopsy road a number of times and it NEVER gets easier.  So, by the time I received a call from my doctor at the END of MARCH, I was completely undone.  Turns out he thought he'd already talked to me.  I'd sent him emails about it a few times asking for the results and he never replied to those.  Bottom line, the one growth he biopsied was not malignant.  However, he doesn't know what it is.  The lab couldn't identify it.  O....Kay.  

Somehow, I wasn't suprised.  I have strange, unknown growths inside me that the doctors can't figure out what it is.  Yeah, been there, done that.  At least this time they didn't just cut it out of me. 

So, basically the bombshell is that I have these unidentified growths on my thyroid and I get to just wait and see what they become.  The doctor said we'll do another ultrasound and possibly another biopsy in a year.   

Every once in a while, when my throat feels especially swollen or I'm having a hard time swallowing, I get an image in my head of the growths on my thyroid.  They look like the eggs from the Aliens movies and I keep waiting for one of those f&*kers to explode out of it.

Thus concludes my sort of brief round up of part 2 of why I've been silent since the beginning of the year.  Next up...The Best Laid Plans.

love & blessings

ps...thanks for sticking with me.  I promise to get to more fun stuff soon.  :-)



Laura M said...

I hate when you get told you need a specialist or something like that then have to wait months! It's nerve wracking! I hope you will be ok!

Magic Love Crow said...

Laura, I am so sorry!!! That doctor should have got hold of you right away and they should be testing you before a year! Maybe you are allergic to different things, and this is causing the growths? Please take care of you! Sending you lots of healing prayers! Love and Blessings!