22 September 2013

Autumn wishes and a general update

(this is an old photo from 2008 - I haven't been taking any photos lately)

Autumn arrived today and with it I feel better than I have in months.  I don't know if it is the change of season or going off some very heavy meds, but I do feel better.  For the past month I've been like the walking dead.  I've slept for anywhere from 14 to 20 hours in a day.  I'm still dealing with the requisite withdrawal (nausea, no appetite, etc.) but I do feel better.

This zombie like life has put a halt to plans for the cottage sale.  We have all but three rooms to go, the kitchen, laundry room and my studio (which will require the most work).  My mum had her cleaning lady come in yesterday and today and clean the rooms not mentioned above.  She's a lovely lady and very sweet, but after she left today I found a letter from her where she basically told my that my health issues are because I practice witchcraft and that if I renounce it and turn to Christ, I'll be healed.

This is why I don't allow people in my home.  I can't imagine what type of letter I would have gotten had I not already taken down all my altars and shrines.  Oy vey...

Tomorrow I will push through, I hope, and finish the kitchen and laundry room and then Tuesday I hope to tackle the studio.  I've decided to let mum have a landscape crew come in and just fix the yard and garden so it looks good for selling.  I did tell her no to having the seed the big pumpkin patch with grass, because if I'm still here next summer, I'd like to try again.

So if all goes well the cottage should be on market by the end of the week.  I'd like to get it settled before I go to hospital a week from tomorrow for wee procedure.  I had one back in 2008 and remember being awake for it, but they tell me I'll be sedated for this one.  So, that makes me a little more nervous.

Alright, I'm signing off for now but hope to be back soon with maybe some art or something fun and good.

I wish you all a wonderful Mabon and wonderful Autumny feelings. 

(Maybe I'll go buy some pumpkins this week for the porch.)

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Cameron said...

Her letter just makes me sad for her....and mad, too....her audacity floors me!