06 November 2012

I've missed so much...

I missed Vanessa's Halloween Party.  I missed Halloween.  I missed All Saints Day, All Soul's Day and Dia de los Muertos.  I feel like I've missed so much!  Oh, but what I found...

 (the Natural Bridge - in Virginia - an amazing force of nature millions and millions of years old)

 (ghosts of the past-if you look closely at the above photo, you might be surprised by what you see)
  (a little Tolkien carved in stone  - I literally stumbled on to this, walked past it twice before i saw it)

 I took a giant leap outside of my comfort zone.  I met new, wonderful, fantabulous people and one lovely lady whose blog I've read for years and have wanted to meet in person.  I ate delicious, healthy, organic food.  I learned to create things I have never created before.  It. Was. Perfect! 

I have so much to share with you about my trip.  And I will, soon, I promise.  I'm getting settled back in after getting home 3 days later than planned.  I'm trying not to lose my creative mojo or my good mood.  I have so, so many more pictures to share.  I'm thinking of making a power point of the trip.  (Do people even do that anymore?)  :-)

I found so very much on this trip.  From the moment I signed up back in February, I began to find things.  But the most important thing I found - was myself.  My happy, creative, inspired, lovely self. 

How have you been?

love & blessings


Georgianna said...

Hi Laura,

It sounds like a magical, inspiring and altogether fabulous trip. I'm so happy you've had these experiences. By savoring and cherishing them, you will always have them with you to draw from. – g

Lorna said...

How beautiful! Travel has so many ways to buoy a person.