23 September 2012

Hi...remember me?

So yes, I've been away.  I can't believe how long it's been since I've even been in blog-land.  Last I remember I was planning a post at the beginning of September about the month of August and what it means to me.  And here it is...almost the END of September.

There have been many things that have kept me away.  Various issues with medicines, a health issue for my mum and some just general things that aren't any excuse for neglecting my friends in blog-land.  Not that I think you all can't live without me.  ;-)      But it is hard to explain what some of you mean to me - reading about your lives and your creativity.  You help me to keep going, did you know that?  Well, it's true.

So, I'm just dropping in quickly with a few words and a few pictures to say hello, I'm still here and I'll be here.  So, hello autumn, welcome back.  And for those friends I have who live on the other side of the globe, enjoy your spring.  :-)

I've lots of catching up to do.  Take care of yourselves.


PS...don't take a single moment for granted.  that is something I'm trying to learn and remember. 

PPS...love yourself for who you are, even if you don't always like what you see in the mirror (or in the lens of a camera).


Lorna said...

So interesting! we were saying the same thing about ourselves at about the same time. Glad you're back!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I totally understand what you mean... I blog and interact in the blog world in order to stay inspired by all the creative people I encounter. Sometimes, though, the business of everyday life gets in the way.

You are so right... I shouldn't take a single moment for granted.

Thanks for the motivations!!

laoi gaul~williams said...

welcome back!
i think all bloggers have moments where other thngs take over...i was going to say real life but blogging is real life!