02 October 2019

Let's go to New Mexico (part 1)...

 (Holyhocks outside the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum of Art)
 (Bear Lake painting at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum of Art)
 (Untitled O'Keeffe painting at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum of Art)
 (Rattlesnake skeleton on display at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum of Art)
 (Santa Fe Plaza)
 (Santa Fe Plaza facing the Palace of Governors)
 (St. Francis of Assisi Chapel at the New Mexico Museum of Art)
 (The Railyard in Santa Fe - farmer's market, art galleries, shops and restaurants)
(Boulder Falls by Pansy Stockton at the New Mexico Museum of Art - made with leaves, twigs, grasses and feathers on board)
(New Mexico Museum of Art)
 (St Francis of Assisi statue in garden at New Mexico Museum of Art)
(Sculpture Garden at New Mexico Museum of Art)

Let's talk about New Mexico...

First, a little back story...

Last year I signed up to attend a session of the Red Thread Retreat.  Normally, they are held at a beautiful retreat center in the mountains of Maryland.  This particular session was to be held at Ghost Ranch in Abiguiu, New Mexico.

I'd heard about Ghost Ranch several years ago on an art Instagram account and was fascinated.  So when I saw it was being held there I immediately decided to sign up.  Once the co-instructor and the dates were announced, I knew I would have to attend.  The co-instructor was Nina Bagley, whom I have adored and admired for years.  And the dates, well, it was scheduled during my own personal hell week.  I was sold!  I mean, what could be better to alleviate my yearly depression during that week?

My original plan was to drive cross country, go to the retreat then head north and visit Montana.  I had a list of places I wanted to stop and see... Yellowstone, Tetons, Deadwood, family homes in Illinois and Indiana among others.

Unfortunately, the driving didn't work out so I had to fly.  I am not a comfortable flier.  In fact, I'm terrified to fly.  But...

Santa Fe - I flew out to Santa Fe, New Mexico on Sunday, August 18th.  I spent a few days at the Santa Fe Sage Inn.  The first day was just resting from the migraine that developed on the flight out.  On Monday, I went to The Plaza and spent time at the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum of Art.  

The New Mexico Museum of Art was wonderful!  I haven't been to many museums, but I really loved the layout and structure of this one.  So much beautiful art!  There is a sculpture garden as well as a courtyard and St Francis of Assisi chapel.  I spent several hours wandering.

I wandered around the plaza a little then went to the Georgia O'Keeffe Art Museum.  It was much smaller than I expected and not very enjoyable.  It was too bright and too loud.  The guards (and there were TONS) glared at everyone and it was extremely crowded.  I did enjoy at lot of the art, but really did not enjoy the experience.

After that, I headed back to the plaza for a meetup with one of the retreat attendees that I'd met at a previous retreat.  We had lunch, and spent the afternoon wandering around the plaza.  It was great!

We returned to the hotel later that afternoon for a rest.  Then met up for dinner with another retreat member.  The next day, Tuesday, the three of us went out shopping and exploring.  We went to the local art store (Artisans - fantastic place!), Goodwill, and couple other places I can't remember, then to the Railyard for lunch and exploring. We then took a visit of the Museum of Encaustic Art. It was a small, yet beautiful exhibit that has art from every state.  They also hold  classes and workshops and have a section for local youths to come and make and exhibit art to sale.  It was really amazing and inspiring.  After that, we had a bit of resting in the afternoon, then met up for dinner again. 

I had such fun with the two of them!  And am so happy to have made two new close friends.  We each live in different states, but we've been staying in contact and that is wonderful.

Santa Fe is a beautiful place and I didn't see but a small part of it. I loved how in the distance, no matter the direction I looked, I could see the mountains.  I really hope to go back again and spend more time in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.

Part 2 will pick up with the trip from Santa Fe to Ghost Ranch.

Have you ever been to Santa Fe?  If so, what did you think?

Thanks for stopping by for a read...
love & blessings


Coltisor de Rai said...

Have A Wonderful Week!

mxtodis123 said...

Some awesome photos. I'm with you on the flying. I flew once, back and forth from Atlanta about 50 years ago, ran into turbulence on the return flight, and never flew again.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

This sounds like such an awesome trip/retreat! I clicked on all the links -- thanks for providing them. Can hardly wait to hear more about the retreat! I bet it was fabulous.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see your photographs.

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

I lived in Albuquerque during the 1980s, at which time Elder Brother and his wife lived in Santa Fe - in the Pygmy Forest, north of downtown. I loved New Mexico, although for most of the time I lived there I actually worked in California.

In 2016, I drove a friend out there to see the sights. Like you, we were disappointed in the Georgia O'Keefe Museum; although, I don't recall an abundance of guards.

For wildlife, one must be along the river. We went to Bosque del Apache, one day, to see the birds. It is a couple of hours south of Albuquerque.
Cop Car