17 July 2009


I'm home...moved back in... still unpacking a little and still have a few ongoing projects from the big work. But life is slowly returning to normal. I have one more week of craziness then things should slow down to where I can get back to blogging and reading blogs regularly. Next week is crazy busy at work and also I'm getting ready for our Shop Local Fair that is next Saturday. (I'm a vendor and have a lot to do to prepare.)


Dracenea said...

Glad to hear you're back!

I shall be expecting pictures. :)

The Frog Queen said...

Don't stress yourself out too much! (that is really funny coming from me.) Glad you are back and hve fun at the fair. I want to see what you are selling!!!


Anonymous said...

I stumbles across your blog and thought I would say hello.. So.. Hello..

jaz said...

you should post some of the stuff you sell. i would love to see it.