26 April 2009

workday in the garden

Yesterday was "Herbfest" at our local farmers market. I racked up on herbs! you can see a list and photo here (it's at the bottom of the post). Yesterday and today were spent in the garden working.

I planted the latest Hydrangea that my stepmum gave me, as well as potting up and planting some of the bounty from the herb fest.

this bed is going to have black-eyed susans, shasta daisies and something i don't know the name of... they'll come from my mums, i dug it out yesterday.

this is my new bed i dug out today... it already had the angelica (in the middle) that survived from last year and i planted the hydrangea and two purple coneflower plants. I also put in some sunflower seeds along the back and hope that they will grow.

these are a bunch of the herbs that i bought in pots...several will need to come inside when the weather drops to freezing...

I'll leave you with a photo of my iris' that opened up this morning. My front flower bed is full of them.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Dracenea said...

Beautiful iris'!

jaz said...

hi,,i just found your blog and it is great! you might want to check mine out too. i think you might find it interesting!


hope to see you in the future!


jaz said...

ps...i just noticed you like "practical magic". i just recently put pics of the spellbook from the movie on my blog. i own it!!! i think the pics are in my archive now but if you want to see more i can post more pics!

chib said...

soooo beatiful!