31 December 2023

new year eve sunset...

 wishing you a happy, healthy, magical new year!

love & magicks



08 December 2023

magicks are real...

december already?


i'm here again, finally.  

so...five things friday? 

1 - i love walking in the woods. it is one of my favorite things and equally as special to me as walking along the shore of the ocean.

2 - sometimes, when i get what i call a 'wild hair' i just go with it and 9 times out of 10 i love the results.

3 - magicks are real

4 - i'm already missing winter. i know to most of the world winter doesn't officially begin until dec 21. but to me, winter solstice marks the middle of winter. living in the south it is hard to really have the kind of winter i love, full of cold weather and tons of snow. so knowing it is almost over makes me sad.

5 - this goes back to #3 above. this week, while walking in the woods, i kept hearing these strange sounds. my first thought was dear antlers cackling against each other. i stopped and looked, but could never find anything. then, i kept wondering if it was the trees creaking in the wind. today i heard the sounds again and still couldn't see anything. i made my rounds through the trees and paths and i kept thinking how much i would love to see a deer. i had the thought (when i heard it again) 'the bucks must be playing. i wish they'd come down where i can see them.'

as i passed onto the last trail, headed back to my car, i heard the sound and it was close. i stopped and looked into the trees. and up on a ridge i saw movement. then i heard it again and saw two young bucks playing! i couldn't get a good look but tried to get a photo (the first photo in the post) but then i stopped and just watched as they played.  it felt so magical and special that i was in tears as i made my way back to the car. 

yesterday i saw a post on IG about synchronicities and how if we pay attention we can see the magic in the world. :-)

so i'll reiterate #3 - magicks are real!

well...that's what i've got for this second friday in december. before we know it, it will be january and a new calendar year.

how've you been?  how was your november? 

thanks for being here...

love & magicks



07 November 2023

really sleepy...

 a painting from last week, part of my book of days art journaling for last week.

it's been a pretty quiet day. i ran a few errands this morning and spent the rest of the day arting and cleaning the kitchen in preparation for delivery of my new range. my delivery window is 7:30-11:30 in the MORNING. ugh!

on my walk this evening, i had another scary low. not as bad as the last one. i was able to finish my walk and get myself home, though.  maybe i need to eat before i walk. idk...

that's all i've got for today. i'm really sleepy and i need to get up really early to get everything done the delivery.

thanks for being here...

love & magicks



06 November 2023


it was a weird day. i had a super early appointment with my diabetes educator. everything was great, my numbers are fabulous. but it seemed like a waste of time. i really thought it was something we could have talked about over the phone. 

before i left i headed down to the imaging department to schedule my yearly boobiesmash. as luck would have it, they had an opening within 30 minutes. so despite not being dressed for easy off and on, i went ahead and signed up. as i was changing my top for the sexy gown, i realized i couldn't find my phone. 

immediate panic mode. i tossed my top back on, ran to get the tech to tell her i needed to go out to check for my phone. she looked through my bag, tried calling it and everything. no phone. we went out to the waiting area and one of her coworkers said they'd found a phone. luckily it was being held at the check-in desk. 

it took hours for me to calm down and i was more uncomfortable than usual having my scans. 

my phone is my lifeline. pretty much literally. it is how i monitor my blood glucose and control my insulin pump. without it, i feel completely vulnerable. ugh...

in an effort to calm down after i arrived home i went to the art table and my art journal. yesterday i'd watch a video about abstract art. so i thought i'd give it a try.

when i was done with the first layer, i hated it. abstract is just not my thing. i've tried it several times and my luck is hit or miss. 

what do i do when i really can't stand what i painted? i paint over it. i usually use gesso, but i went with titanium white. after i covered it i pressed the pages together to give it a bit of texture. i have no idea what will happen once i go back to it tomorrow. hopefully i can find something i like.

so, that was my day today. honestly, my anxiety is still a bit high and my walk didn't help this evening. we'll see.

so, how was your day?

thanks for being here...

love & magicks


ps...for Debra: i spray my finished painting with Krylon low odor gloss, once that is dry i rub it with a thin coating of wax (tealight or beeswax) and buff it down. it keeps the pages from sticking together. :-)


05 November 2023

a beautiful morning...


a beautiful morning and warm enough for a walk. 

today was for sealing this weeks art journal pages, prepping next weeks planner pages and processing the last of the jalapenos from the garden.

hope you had a lovely day.

thanks for being here...

love & magicks



04 November 2023

grow softly, slowly...

today was a good arting day.  i spent some time with the art witches on zoom and a lot of time working in my journal. 

yesterdays work settled in my mind, so i'm calling it done (bottom photo)

top photo is what i worked on today. i think she's done.  but, again, i'm letting it sit in my head for the night before i decide.

my new earbuds arrived so i was able to listen to music on my walk, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference to me.

that's my day... hope you are having a great weekend.

thanks for being here...

love & magicks



03 November 2023

finding a happy medium...


five things on this friday evening...

1 ~ an art journal wip i started yesterday (top photo).  after working on her today, i think she's finished but i'll let her sit over night to see how i feel.

2 ~ today's walking skies behind my lovely tree (bottom photo).  i've been having to walk in the afternoons since the weather turned and i really don't like it. morning walks are more my thing, but too cold for me right now!

3 ~ my earbuds that go with my phone have only half worked for the last month or so. yesterday they kept sending shocks into my ears. i took them out and most of my walk yesterday and all of today was without music. :-(   (i have new earbuds on order and will be here tomorrow!)

4 ~ i'm trying to find a happy medium. all the things i want to do seem to get lost in time. painting, knitting, reading, walking, writing, yoga, cooking/baking... so many things.  then there are all the adulty type things like cleaning/paying bills/etc. 

5 ~ my fingers and hands (and mind) are craving playing in clay. i brought some home today and hope to get my fingers in it soon, maybe even tonight.

hope you are having a lovely day...

thanks for being here.

love & magicks