15 August 2018

Pig Pickin' Cake

I bet you think I forgot all about my promise to share my Grandmommy's Pig Pickin' cake.  I didn't.  I actually made another one not long after my first post about it.  It's just taken a long time to get the photos edited and get the post done.  So here we go!  (Warning: Picture Heavy Post!)

This is a cake my paternal grandmother used to make.  I grew up with this being our go to celebration cake.  My aunt gave me the recipe when I was in my 20's but it took awhile before I started making it.  

You see, my grandmommy died when I was 14.  It was very traumatic and honestly, I'm still not "over it".  She was the most important person in my life and the one person who loved me just as I was.  The only thing she expected from me was to try my best.  I guess for a while, I couldn't eat it without missing her terribly.

Enough of the sappy, let's get to the recipe.  

This cake is super easy and requires very few ingredients. 
You'll need:
  for the cake:
 1 box yellow cake mix
 4 eggs, beaten
 11 ounces mandarin oranges (do not drain)
 1/2 cup salad oil (I use canola or vegetable oil)

  for the frosting:
 20 ounces crushed pineapple
 1 8 ounce container cool whip
 1 3 ounce box instant vanilla pudding

 I like to make the frosting first as it needs time to chill in the refrigerator.

Pour the crushed pineapple (do not drain) into a mixing bowl. 
 Add the instant pudding mix and stir until mixed.  
Once it is well blended, fold in the cool whip.
Stir gently until well blended.  Then cover and refrigerate.
While the frosting chills, grease and flour 3 nine inch cake pans.  (I don't like to use cooking spray.  Whenever I do, things stick.)

Preheat the oven to 350F degrees.

Into the bowl of the mixer add the yellow cake mix and add the mandarin oranges. 
In a separate bowl, whisk 4 eggs together.
Add this to the bowl with the cake mix and oranges.
Next, add the oil.
Mix well on medium being sure to scrape the sides down.

Once it's mixed, pour evenly into the three prepared cake pans.  
Bake at 350F degrees for 25 minutes only.  (This is very important!)

Once done, turn out onto wire racks to cool completely.

When you're ready to frost the cake put a little bit of parchment paper under the edges of the 1st layer to help keep the cake plate clean.
Frost the top of the bottom layer.
Add the second layer and top with frosting, then the third layer.
I like to try to get a nice think layer of frosting between the cake layers.  If your frosting starts to break down and turn a bit runny put it and the cake into the refrigerator until it sets up again.  I was frosting this under the stove lights and realized it was too much heat.  :-)

Remember, when you're done that the cake needs to be kept refrigerated.

Well, there you go.  Pig Pickin' Cake.  

I hope you enjoy it!  

If you give it a try let me know how you like it.

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love & blessings



04 August 2018


August, already?  Sigh...

August is not my favorite month.  In fact, if we could just do away completely with the month of August, that would be great with me.

When I was growing up, my dad used to call it Austerity August.  Basically, it was his way of saying don't ask for anything.  He wouldn't spend money on anything, like books, movies, clothes, shoes, etc for us.  Of course, that ban didn't affect his weekend golfing.  (I'm pretty certain I've written about that before.)

That's nothing compared to what August has brought over the years.

Last year, I decided to see if I could change my relationship with August.  It started out nice and smooth and ended with a bit of a bang.  But I felt that August and I made friends. 

So far this year, it seems we aren't on the same page, August and I.  I'm hoping that will change.

Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.

Do you have a particular month or season that you just dread?

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27 July 2018

FO - round 2...

Yes!  Another Finished Object! Wooohoooo!!

It only took me 2 years 6 months and 6 days, but hey...it's something completed.  Once I finished the last scoreboard, something in me just wanted to finish this throw.  It helped that I've had Shark Week to keep me entertained and glued to my chair this week.  

The throw ended up being a little longer than called for, but I'm okay with that!

I have nothing on my needles right now.  That's a weird feeling.  I did order yarn for a new project.  Do you remember the movie Sweet November?  There is a shawl that Charlize Theron wears that I've always loved.  I found on Ravelry a pattern for it, but it's in French and crochet! 

Well, I used Google to translate the pattern words.  There is a diagram too but since I don't know how to crochet (despite my trying to teach myself with the raggedy crochet practice blanket) it feels quite daunting.  If anyone out there knows of a knitted version or can help me figure out the crochet, please let me know!  The yarn arrived yesterday and I'm excited to get started.  :-)

Wouldn't you know, just now I went to a different screen to find a pic of the shawl to share here and found a knitted pattern on Ravelry.  Maybe I'll have some more knitting to share in a few weeks.  :-)

Today is the full moon with a lunar eclipse.  Don't do anything I wouldn't do!  ;-)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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19 July 2018


I finally finished last season's Steelers Scoreboard.  It only took me 10 months and 9 days.  :-/  

I'm just glad to be done now, because football season starts next month.  

My plan is to make one for each of my family, so I need four.  The first one I did a few years ago, was made using the wrong weight yarn and the wrong size needles and ended up being HUGE!  I'd made it for my brother so that was okay because he's a pretty tall guy.

I plan to give this one to my SIL and the next to my mum.  

I'm excited to get back to working on my Lake Country Throw.  I'm going to try to finish it before football season starts.  

Have you finished any projects lately?

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11 July 2018

little things...

Little things that make me happy...

playing in a homemade art journal for the first time...

a basket full of art papers (many of them I've made)...

experimenting with new mediums (brusho crystals)...

being happy with how a little journal girl turns out...

finding small ways to honor those important to me....

These are kind of behind the scene images that have happened around here over the last couple of months.  Last week and this have been filled with Wimbledon, catching up on The Originals, watching Justice League (finally!), playing around on Ancestry again,  and trying to finish a knitting project (last season's Steeler Scoreboard) that I need to get done before football starts in a month.  Yep, football starts next month...hard to believe.

Anywho, I've been wanting to get here, but I swear time just disappears on me.  

Now I'm off to work on my knit and watch more tennis. I'm hoping to get back in my studio soon.

Tell me, are there little things that make you happy?  

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love & blessings

02 July 2018

garden visitors...

I've had quite a few visitors to my little garden this past week.  These are just a few that have been hanging around.

The remarkable thing about these photos (at least to me) is that I took every one of them from inside my house.  Not bad, huh?

It has been pretty hot out so I've been spending my time indoors.  I head out early morning to water and check the plants, but that is about it.  

What kind of visitors do you get to your garden?

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28 June 2018

I found a little something...

I bet you can't guess what I was thinking about when I stumbled across these items at the big box craft store the other day.  :-)

I'm hoping to get to use them soon! (In an official sort of way) Maybe?  Fingers and toes crossed!

Do you pick up odd things to use for specific functions (like blog parties of the most fabulous sort)? 

I find myself doing that all the time.  I'll see something and think, Oh I could use that in the so & so tea party!  


They were just too cute not to share.

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love & blessings