22 March 2012

Happiness is...

picking out paint colors
garden centers
kitty kisses
i've decided to paint the shed. i picked out colors and got samples at the big box home center to experiment. today seemed like it would be as good as any, so i gave them a try. i've pretty much ruled out the one on the far right(maybe). it is just too bright. the upper photo is shady and the below photo is in the sun. i'm pretty close to picking, but after looking at it i'm also wanting to look at a completly different color palete. so i'll go back to the bbhc this weekend or maybe tomorrow and get those samples to see what i think.

so what do you think of the colors? anyone have any recommendations? if so, please comment and number colors 1-5 from left to right. just tell me your number choices, for both the walls and the trim. :-)

hope you are all having a wonderful start to spring.