31 October 2016

Samhain blessings...



 Hello!  Happy Halloween and many Samhain blessings to you all!  I hope this finds you enjoying the spirit of the day and having a bit of fun too.  

I spent a good portion of yesterday getting ready for today.  I took a quick drive to the farmers market for a variety of things, including cut flowers and a carving pumpkin.  Then I spent the rest of the day setting my dining table and sideboard area for Halloween and The Ancestor Offerings.  I made some banana bread using one of my grandmothers recipes and made a few plates with some of their favorite food for offerings to the Ancestors.  One of my Grandmothers used to keep Zero candy bars in the freezer so when I saw a Zero bar in line at the grocers I just new I had to get it for her.  I haven't seen these in ages!  Some of the offerings include, pimento cheese sandwich (a favorite of my Great-Grandmother Ida), pasta with homemade sauce (for my Granddaddy, Lester, whose knickname in college was Spig, because he ate so much spaghetti having never seen it until he moved to NC), pepsi (my other granddaddy, George, retired from Pepsi Bottling Co. after a lengthy term of employment), and iced sweet tea (because everyone drank it).   

I cleaned up my year-round ancestor altar on Saturday and spent this morning making up fresh bouquets for them and one for Maman Brigitte's altar.  I used elements of the flowers I picked up yesterday and a few things from my own little garden.  

I'm feeling very right today, I don't even know the correct word.  I just feel as if I'm doing the things I should be and that everything is good.  I pulled out one of my journals last night to find that I hadn't read tarot for myself since last Samhain.  I read over the year reading I did and boy, was it spot on.  I'll do another for myself for the coming year, tonight.  (As I've been typing, the word I had been looking for came to me - balanced.)

I've walked the line between the worlds my entire life.  For the most part I've kept it to myself, and/or hidden what I am and the gifts the Ancestors have given me.  Recently, I've realized that this is the time to step up fully into those gifts and use them.  What is the saying, use it or lose it?  Well, I lost this gift several years ago and it was the most miserable year I've ever spent.  Not like anything bad happened, I just didn't feel like myself.  I didn't feel...whole.  But this autumn, things are feeling balanced.  Like I'm no longer trying to keep from tripping off the rope into one world or the other.  So, I'm going to use it, as much and as often as I can.

I'd planned to do a giveaway at the beginning of the month so I could send out some Halloween goodies, but time and other things conspired against me and it didn't happen.  However, there is no rule that says Halloween can't be enjoyed throughout the year!  So, I'm having a little giveaway today.  I have some Halloween items to send to someone out there in bloglandia.  Included will be what you see in the picture above as well as a few other little things (like maybe some candy!).  I'm also offering the winner a tarot reading.  You can ask a question or just see what the cards and spirit have to tell you if you'd like.

To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your most favorite Halloween memory* and I'll enter your name into the mix.  I'll put everyone's name in the witches hat and draw one out (old school style!) on Saturday, Nov. 5th.  Entries will be cut off at 11:59pm Friday (Nov. 4th).  

*To be sure I don't add someone who doesn't want to be added please be sure to start your comment with "My most favorite Halloween memory is".  For an extra entry, you can mention this giveaway on your blog.  Nothing big, just a line or two will do.  Leave me a separate comment that you did so, please, and I'll enter your name a second time.  

Well, I just realized what time it is and I must run!  I still have treat bags to fill and lunch to eat and a pumpkin to carve!!

thanks for stopping by!
love & blessings



JFM/Jan said...

Do you believe in ghosts...I do. My most memorable Halloween wasn't that long ago...well, actually it was 13 years ago.
We had a brand new set of pumpkin lights that I strung up in our entrance way entwined among the other decorations. When I tried turning them on, they wouldn't work. My hubby checked all the lights and they were in tight...he also made sure they were plugged in. They just wouldn't work but we left them up anyway.
Then on All Hollow's Eve the doorbell rang and we heard the children yelling "trick-or-treat" and the string of pumpkin lights popped on and are still working today 🎃
What made this Halloween even more fun was a little girl dressed as a soldier being carried by her dad who was also in uniform. I filled her bag with Halloween treats 🍬🍭🍢 and then her dad said to her "what do you say?" This adorable four year old looks at me and says "shut the door!!!"
I never laughed so hard in my life 🎃🌙👻🍁

Beautiful post, Laura and gorgeous photos!!!
I enjoyed hearing about your ancestors altars...lovely.

Happy Samhain & Happy Halloween, Laura🍁🌙🎃

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

My most favorite Halloween memory is when I was 8 years old. I was invited to a Halloween supper at my friend Marilyn's house. Her Mom, a doctor, was a very devoted mother and spoiled her kids rotten so to be invited to a Halloween supper was a big deal. Walking down the street in the crunchy leaves, shivering from the slightly cool breeze, I was goose fleshed all over just thinking about the wonders I would see. And I did. There were wonderful decorations in the dining room. Every place setting had oodles of fun things. The supper was so yummy and after we ate we went into Marilyn's playroom and went through a fun house kind of set up, complete with a fortune teller (her mom), a magician (her dad) and a scary guy at the end to escort us out the door (her dreamy big brother).
I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Happy Halloween, Oma Linda

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely to hear how you went about your holiday honor your people who have passed.

I don't want to be entered in your generous give away, but thank you.

My mom use to make Halloween fun, from the costumes, to painting wild and wonderful things on our windows, decorations and making popcorn balls to hand out. Those were the days when people were comfortable with hand made food. She knew how to have fun.

Magic Love Crow said...

My most favorite Halloween memory is, when I was younger, between the ages of 8-10. We lived in a small community. Mom always made our costumes. For some reason, she made a clown costume, and I wore it for 3 years straight! It wouldn't wear out! LOL! But, my favourite thing was, there was an older lady, who lived in an old house on a hill. Seriously, not making this up! She was so sweet! But, the night of Halloween, she would get so creepy to freak us out! LOL! It was like she became another person, we all loved it! And, the best part, she never bought treats, they were all homemade!! Candy apples, rice crispy squares, etc! That old lady rocked!!

Now, about your post! I am so proud of you Laura!! So very proud of you!! You keep being you! The real you!!! Never lose the true you!! You are a brilliant person!!! I understand exactly where you are coming from!
Your house looks amazing!! You did a beautiful job of decorating and honouring! Big Hugs and a belated Happy Halloween and belated Samhain blessings!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I didn't quite make the giveaway, but still... I want to share my favorite Halloween memory, since I like it so much: I was about 5 and a half, and my grandma had just smeared some white stuff all over my body (I had a skin disease while growing up). I was frustrated because I would not be able to take part in all the Dia de los muertos mayhem. But my grandma took a piece of charcoal and made me into a skully. I ran after all the other kids screaming that I was coming to get them and everyone had a blast. Every time I think about it, the whole thing makes me smile. :-)